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Groups and Workshops

Fall 2018 Groups

  • Common Place

    • Are you navigating the spectrum of gender or sexuality and wanting support? Consider attending Common Place, a confidential drop-in support group for those who are navigating gender identity and/or sexuality. This group is facilitated by LGBTQ affirming and knowledgeable counselors from Student Counseling Services at WT.

    • When: Fridays, 12 PM--1PM

    • Where: Student Counseling Services Group Room, CC 116

  • Dialectical Skills Training Group

    • Closed group. Must be referred by a psychiatrist or counselor.

    • When: Fridays, 1:30 PM--2:45 PM

    • Where: Student Counseling Services Group Room, CC 116 

  • Feel Better Fast

    • Do you ever notice yourself struggling with symptoms of depression, insomnia, interpersonal difficulties, or are struggling to get past set-backs and wish you could do something about it quickly? If so, Feel Better Fast is the group for you! FBF is a confidential, drop-in group that can teach you skills to improve these areas quickly.

    • When: Wednesdays, 12 PM--1 PM

    • Where: Student Counseling Services Group Room, CC 116

Fall 2018 Workshops

  • Insomnia Workshop

    • Insomnia can have a debilitating effect on sleep quality, ability to focus and function throughout the day, and overall well-being, but it can be overcome! If you would like to learn how you can overcome your insomnia and move forward into higher functioning, we invite you to attend our insomnia workshop.

    • When: Wednesday, 10/17/18 and 11/14/18

    • Where: Student Counseling Services Group Room, CC 116

    • To Sign Up: Go to
                            Call Student Counseling Services at 806.651.2340 or come by our office in CC 116.


For more information on all groups and workshops, please call Student Counseling Services at 651-2340.

If you have recently attended one of our groups or workshops, please provide us feedback through our presentation evaluation.