Career Services Sup Handbook How to Post an On-Campus Job

How to Post an On-Campus Position in Handshake


Develop a job description so that both you and your student worker are clear about the duties and qualifications needed for success on the job. For sample job descriptions, visit­ O*Net and search the Occupational Handbook by title.

Create an Account in BuffJobs/Handshake. If your department does not have an account, you will need to create a departmental account. If your department already has an account, but you are not connected to that account, you will need to connect to your department's account.

Post your position. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to post a job in Handshake

On-campus jobs must be posted for five working days (according to TAMUS policy) to ensure that you attract the best, most qualified candidates and to provide equal opportunity to all interested applicants.

Consider integrating a mechanism into your job posting that will help you screen candidates, such as a cover letter, questionnaire or resume. You may ask/require applicants to turn in resumes via BuffJobs/Handshake, email or in person. You will want to note what the best delivery method is in your job description. Here are some other applicant screening ideas.

Review applications. Students must upload an On-Campus Application in order to be considered for an on-campus job. You will receive an email notification from Handshake when a student applies. You can view the applicants' materials by logging into your BuffJobs/Handshake account. Use the Supervisor Action Form on the back of each application to record whether or not the application materials were complete/timely.  Here is additional information that will help ensure EEO compliance throughout the hiring process.

After you have reviewed the applications, you may begin the interviewing process.