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Stafford Hall Staff

We look forward to having you as a member of our Stafford Hall community. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us!

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Our Residential Living Team

Liz LopezLiz Lopez
Assistant Area Coordinator

Hometown: El Paso, Texas

Education: Bachelor of Music in Arts Management and Administration & Music Technology in progress from West Texas A&M University (anticipated May 2015)

What I Love About WT: Everyone at WT, and Canyon for that matter, are so friendly and polite! They welcome anyone into their community with open arms. If you're around campus, there's always someone willing to help. That's something you don't see often at many campuses. Also, the fact that WT has the perfect location...in a small town like Canyon, the only thing you can do is focus on school, but if you ever need anything or want to do something fun, Amarillo is just a few miles away.

Why I'm Excited to be a Coordinator: I'm excited to work with my RAs to provide a fun, friendly atmosphere at Stafford Hall and to help our residents make WT a home away from home. I love being able to be part of their college experience and to help them create unforgettable memories. Most of all, I'm excited to see growth...as a Coordinator, I get to see both our residents and our RAs grow. Knowing that, in some way, I was a part of that growth is rewarding.

Abby BettsAbby Betts
Resident Assistant

Unit/Hall: Stafford Units A/B

Hometown: Amarillo, Texas

Major: Mass Communications in Broadcast Journalism

What I Love About WT: I love how no matter where you go, you see a friendly face or a friendly smile. The size is also great!...small enough to walk anywhere and be there in five minutes. And the professors are great! Even in your biggest class, it's still smaller than Tech or UT. The professors are easy to access and fun to get to know!

Why I Love Living On Campus: It's so much easier to get involved. You have the opportunity to be in a lot more extracurricular activities and it's so much easier to meet new people! It is also great because if you have friends who live in other halls, even the farthest one away is like a seven minute walk! Living on campus really changed me from being super introverted to a weird extrovert, so it really helped me become a more outgoing person.

Why I'm Excited to be an RA: I'm so excited because my fellow RAs have really helped me get more involved and excited about WT. I get to bring people together and help them the way my RAs helped me. I also have the perfect opportunity to get to know other residents that I would never have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. I look forward to helping residents realize that WT is their second home!

Margaret SutherlandMargaret Sutherland
Resident Assistant

Unit/Hall: Stafford Units C/H

Hometown: Clovis, New Mexico

Major: Piano Performance & Pedagogy

What I Love About WT: I love the community, the family atmosphere, the wonderful academic opportunities, and the lovely town of Canyon.

Why I Love Living On Campus: Not only is it convenient, it's also fun and provides so many ways to make connections with people that will make transitioning to college so much easier. You get to make friends that you know will last the rest of your life.

Why I'm Excited to be an RA: I love getting to be there for people who need support in this new phase in life, and living and learning alongside them.

Emma RussellEmma Russell
Resident Assistant

Unit/Hall: Stafford Unit D/E

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Major: Musical Theatre; minor in Business Management

What I Love About WT: WT is one of the best academic choices I've made thus far. It's a small campus with a big campus feel and it's filled with Professors and Faculty that want you to succeed!

Why I Love Living On Campus: Living on campus is the most convenient place to live for a busy student like myself. I don't have to worry about finding parking every morning, I have a built-in support system, there is always something going on in the hall or on campus, and almost all my friends live within 100 feet of me, so I'm never without something to do or someone to hang out with.

Why I'm Excited to be an RA: I'm excited to help create memories for residents in my hall and to be a part of creating a community that people can't wait to come home to every year!!!

Keila DavilaKeila Davila
Resident Assistant

Unit/Hall: Stafford Units F/G

Hometown: San Angelo, Texas

Major: Biology & Environmental Science, with an emphasis in Geology

What I Love About WT: I love WT because of the people and the environment they create on the campus; it's always filled with good vibes. I also enjoy the snow!

Why I Love Living On Campus: I enjoy living on campus because my friends become my neighbors; it allows me to get more involved and I get to meet new people daily!

Why I'm Excited to be an RA: I am excited to be an RA because I get to build that trust and community with my residents & future friends, have awesome GameCube tournaments, and hopefully I will have a huge impact on someone's life in a positive manner.

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