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Residential Living - RA Selection

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Resident Assistant (RA) Selection

Fall 2015-Spring 2016 RA Positions:
  • Applications will be available until Thursday, July 30, at 4:59 p.m.

Selection Process Timeline

We offer a limited number of interview spots. Once all interview availability has been filled, we will maintain a list of applicants. If new spots open up, you will be contacted with an offer for an interview.

Only qualified candidates will participate in the interview process.  Candidates will be contacted via phone to schedule an interview(s); finalists will be contacted for second-round interviews.

*NOTE: Not all candidates will receive a second-round interview. 


Application Materials and Instructions

 Please Note: Applying for this position is a TWO STEP process; carefully review the following.
  1. Read and review the Resident Assistant Job Description
  2. Go to the Student Employment Services website and complete the Buff Jobs Application (Job ID: 7080); if you experience issues with the application or are unsure if it was submitted correctly, contact Student Employment Services directly.
  3. Complete the Residential Living RA Application
    • List three references - references should not be family, friends, students, or hall staff
    • Answer the RA Application questions - typed, single-spaced, and no more than one page in length
  4. Return all application materials to the Residential Living Office no later than Thursday, July 30, at 4:59 p.m.

        A completed application includes, and should be placed in this order:

  • A completed RA Application
  • Typed answers to the RA Application questions
  • SES (Buff Jobs) online application completed (no copy needed)

*Incomplete applications or unqualified candidates will not be considered for the RA position. See the RA Job Description
  for details on qualifications.