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Rogers LEAD WT - About

About Rogers LEAD WT

The Rogers LEAD WT (Leadership Education And Development) Program was created to challenge high achieving students to further develop their leadership potential.  The first cohort of LEAD Scholars began the program in August of 2012, thanks to a generous grant from the Texas Pioneer Foundation.

This program takes two years to complete, and includes three main areas: academic, student service, and real world application. 

  1. Academic:  Students will complete four 1-hour credit courses (one per long semester) to learn about leadership theory.  Eight hours of approved coursework will also be completed to earn the Leadership Certificate.  These courses vary depending on a student's major.
  2. Student Service:  Students will make a difference in our local area by working in groups to solve a problem or work on a significant project for a predetermined client.
  3. Real World Application:  Students will complete an internship experience, and will participate in activities such as an etiquette dinner, networking events, and public speaking opportunities.

Rogers LEAD WT Scholars should expect to spend between 10-15 hours each month to complete the requirements of the program.  This time may increase while LEAD Scholars are completing their internship.


Rogers LEAD WT Mission

To invest in our strengths and LEAD WT in order to positively influence our peers, campus, and community through service-based leadership.


Rogers LEAD WT Vision

We aspire to be active servant leaders to foster the growth and prosperity of our community. We will leave a thriving legacy which will have a lasting impact on others.