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Counseling Services - Presentation Topics

Presentation Topics

Our Presentation Topics Include

Anger Management

This topic might include learning and practicing anger management techniques, examining and evaluating the thoughts you have before becoming angry, becoming aware of your body responses to anger, exploring the causes of your anger and learning appropriate healthy communication skills.

Dating and Relationships

This program might cover information about establishing intimacy, factors to consider when looking for a mate, changing sex roles, and maintaining self in a relationship.


This topic might include discussion about the causes of depression, the different types of depression, how to deal with depression, ways to help a friend with depression and what to do if you think you are depressed.

Eating Disorders

Our culture values thinness and dieting and at times this can go too far. When thinness becomes an obsession a person’s thinking or behavior can become dangerous and evolve into an eating disorder. We will address signs and symptoms of common eating disorders and where help may be obtained.

Overcoming Test Anxiety

Almost everyone experiences test anxiety sometimes, but some students find it so overwhelming that it interferes with their ability to take tests successfully. Learn skills and strategies to manage anxiety before and during tests.

Personality Type Assessment

Ever wondered how your innate preferences combine to make your unique personality? Ever wondered how other people could be so different in the way they approach life? Understanding personality types can go a long way to gaining insight into these areas. We will discuss types and temperaments in this presentation using Myers-Briggs Personality codes.

Rape/Sexual Assault on Campus

This topic covers what constitutes acquaintance rape or other forms of sexual assault. Consequence for both the survivor and perpetrator are covered. How to prevent becoming a victim of an assault as well as ways to prevent being accused of assaulting another. Acquaintance rape is preventable on college campuses where according to statistics one in four women have been forced either physically or verbally, actively or implicitly to engage in sexual activity. Topics such as assertive communication, evaluating dangerous situations and facts about how and when a person is assaulted are discussed.

Stress Management

This presentation might cover information related to the signs and symptoms of feeling "stressed", description of the strategies for managing your reactions to life's events, description of the different types of relaxation and how to do them.


Are you hoping to build a strong community in your classroom? We can provide teambuilding exercises and initiatives designed to target specific skills: Listening, Problem Solving, Getting to know each other, energizers and more.

What Can Counseling Services Do for Me?

The two primary services that Counseling Services offers for WTAMU students and alumni: Career Counseling and Personal Counseling. The goal of presentations is to increase awareness of and utilization of Counseling Services.