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Off-Campus Housing Disclaimer

Off-Campus Housing Disclaimer

*NOTE* - Please read the following disclaimer from West Texas A&M University

Due to the fact that West Texas A&M University believes that living on campus plays a significant role in the success of students, the University has developed housing and meal plan requirements.

Code of Student Life

All students are required to meet housing and meal plan requirements.  Students not meeting these requirements will be assessed housing and/or meal plan charges unless they have been approved for an exemption.  Exemptions are valid for one academic year, so long as the requested exemption is still applicable to the student.  Exemptions should be documented and approved through the Office of Residential Living prior to the beginning of each semester.

Housing Requirement

All full-time students (enrolled in 12 or more credit hours) under the age of 21 with fewer than *60 credit hours (post-high school) prior to the start of the first day of class of the semester of initial enrollment/re-enrollment (for each academic year) are required to reside in University-owned housing, unless they qualify for an exemption. This rule applies to new, transfer, relocating, and re-enrolling students.

*Please Note: The 60 credit hours must be post-high school credits. College credit hours earned by a student while attending high school (Dual Credit courses, Advanced Placement, CLEP, etc.) which advances a student academically to a higher class year, will not be considered toward housing or meal plan exemption eligibility.

Students subject to the housing requirement who fail to comply with this condition of registration may have their registration denied or canceled and a hold placed on their student account, as well as housing charges posted to their student account.

Students who meet any of the following conditions are not required to live in University-owned housing:

  • Student is enrolled part-time (less than 12 hours) for each long semester (fall/spring) – subject to random validation.
  • Student is enrolled only in online classes – subject to random validation.


Legal Disclaimer

Commuter Programs is not soliciting clients or forming any attorney-client relationships by maintaining this web page, but is only providing general information about off-campus housing and about Texas landlord/tenant law. This information pertains only to Texas Law, and if you are viewing this site from another state you should be aware that this area of law differs significantly from state to state.

While all forms and website information are reviewed to be reasonably accurate, there is a chance that the governing law has changed since the information's publishing. For this reason, visitors to this site should not rely on the information available here. If you find any errors or complaints pertaining to any of the pages on this web site, please contact Commuter Programs as soon as possible.

If you plan to take any action based on information you found at this web site, you must first consult an attorney. Your questions and facts are specific to your case. The information and forms section, and all other parts of this web site were not prepared in anticipation of any questions you might have. Therefore, they cannot substitute for legal advice from an attorney licensed to practice in your jurisdiction. Again, you must consult an attorney before taking any action based on information found here.

By clicking on "ACCEPT" below, I have read and understand the disclaimer above and swear that I am within the eligibilty requirements of West Texas A&M University Housing Requirements.  I also understand that if I am not within eligibility requirements, that I will be responsible for housing and/or meal plan charges unless they have been approved for an exemption.

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