July 19, 2016

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WTAMU’s Starcher/Nelson Publish Book on Bioenergy


CANYON, Texas—Introduction to Bioenergy, co-authored by Dr. Vaughn C. Nelson and Kenneth Starcher at West Texas A&M University, explores solar energy, bioenergy and biomass resources and explains the major processes for its production, conversion and use.

Nelson, professor emeritus of physics at WTAMU, and Starcher, WTAMU instructor of engineering and computer science, have spent their careers in education and research studying energy through the University’s Alternative Energy Institute (AEI). The book, published by CRC Press, reflects their expertise and is designed for students in the classroom or for practicing professionals in fields ranging from renewable energy and environmental science to agriculture engineering and biology.

Introduction to Bioenergy covers the different conversion processes used for converting biomass to heat, power/electricity and biofuels and offers a glimpse of a sustainable future fueled by renewable energy. The authors break down the science of bioenergy and examine the environmental issues and economic concerns involved. They also look at the possibility of replacing of fossil fuels with biofuels, biofuel production and emerging technologies.

The book is a detailed source of information written by experts in the field. Starcher spent more than 30 years at AEI, starting as an undergraduate assistant and working his way to associate director of training education and outreach. After the facility closed in September 2015, Starcher joined WTAMU’s School of Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics to share his wealth of information about renewable energy with students. He has worked at test sites all over the state of Texas and helped with projects from Vermont to New Mexico. He is an expert in small wind energy systems and has made numerous presentations on wind energy and wind turbines.

Nelson retired from WTAMU in 2001 after 32 years as professor, department head, dean of the graduate school, research and information technology and director of the Alternative Energy Institute. He has presented his work on wind energy around the world and is the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from the America Wind Energy Association. Nelson’s other books include Wind Energy and Introduction to Renewable Energy.

The book is available at crcpress.com, Amazon.com and the University Bookstore. For more information, contact Starcher at 806-651-2296.




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