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Jan. 27, 2015

CONTACT:    Dr. Emily Hunt, 806-651-5330, ehunt@wtamu.edu

COPY BY:     Rana McDonald, 806-651-2129, rmcdonald@wtamu.edu

WTAMU Professor’s Research Receives Patent for Commercialization

CANYON, Texas—Representatives from West Texas A&M University and the Aggie Venture Fund (AVF) recognized the research efforts of Dr. Emily Hunt today (Jan. 27) with the signing of a first-time exclusive license and patent rights agreement for the commercialization of her research on Nanostructured Metallic Alloys for Antibacterial Application.

Today’s signing marks the first time that research conducted by a WTAMU faculty member has been accepted for commercialization. Aggie Venture Partners plans to commercialize Hunt’s research on Antimicrobial Nano Alloy (ANA) across a broad spectrum of industries to realize the greatest return to Aggie Venture Partners and The Texas A&M University System. Patents for ANA have been issued to The Texas A&M University System, and an application for international patent protection is in the process.

Hunt, a professor of mechanical engineering and director of the WTAMU School of Engineering and Computer Science, has been working on her ANA research for several years. Bacteria and microbial organisms are a major source of disease and corrosion across a range of industries—oil and gas, water treatment, healthcare, food and beverage—and ANA is a new technology alloy that eliminates or kills bacteria and microbial organisms on the materials where it is applied.

Hunt’s ANA is designed to combat and kill the organisms before they can cause harm or corrosion. The patented material can be applied to multiple types of surfaces, including steel, ceramics, plastics and even sand. AVF’s commercialization plan for the research will focus on infectious diseases and industrial corrosion in a permanent, cost-effective approach that eliminates the use of cleaning solutions and chemicals.

“This is an extraordinary collaboration between WTAMU, Dr. Hunt and AVF that produces a valuable and timely research-driven commercialization product, while also providing research and student support funding for Dr. Hunt’s Energetic Materials laboratory.” Dr. Angela Spaulding, WTAMU vice president for research and compliance and dean of Graduate School, said.

Today’s signing also included an agreement to support ongoing research in Hunt’s lab at WTAMU.


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