Joint Study Provides Advances in WTAMU Tinnitus Research

Nov. 1, 2011


COPY BY:    Rana McDonald, 806-651-2129,

Joint Study Provides Advances in WTAMU Tinnitus Research

CANYON, Texas—A major development in tinnitus research last fall at West Texas A&M University has led to a joint study using magnetoencephalography with measurable results.

Dr. Leslie Dalton, visiting professor of communication disorders, recently found that a particular area of the brain can be programmed to suppress the debilitating effects of the phantom sounds of tinnitus, a condition marked by a ringing sound in the ears. He found he could make tinnitus go away by taking advantage of how the auditory system works normally while totally ignoring the phantom sound itself. His research prompted an invitation from the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit to participate in a joint study with Dr. Susan Bowyer, a medical neuroimaging physicist and senior staff investigator at the hospital. Her work demonstrated that tinnitus could be seen in scans using magnetoencephalography (MEG).

“It was a match made in heaven,” Dalton said. “Since the cancellation paradigm is a neurological manipulation computer-based program, the MEG is a natural device for demonstrating what the process is doing. It has been especially exciting to actually see the tinnitus on the MEG scan rather than having to rely on what the patient reports as he/she hears or doesn’t hear a sound.”

Magnetoencephalography is used to map magnetic electrical current occurring naturally in the brain. The method was made possible by the invention of the superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) by a Ford Motor Company engineer. Hundreds of SQUIDs are placed around a patient’s head to ‘read’ the brain activity and can be used in a before and after situation.
In the Dalton and Bowyer study, the patient’s MEG activity was measured without the cancellation process. The Dalton cancellation program was then delivered in the ears of the patient through specially designed miniature ear probes and a second MEG scan was taken.

“The results were beyond my wildest dreams” Dalton said. “One does not need to be an expert to see the effect of the neurological change.”

Before (A) and after (B) MEG scans show a clear picture of what is happening in the brain of a patiebrain scansnt while the Dalton cancellation stimulus is delivered into the ears. The sounds going into the ears are so quiet that the patient cannot hear them, yet the brain still responds to them. At first the patient must wear a set of hearing aid like devices but as time goes by, the brain’s natural plasticity changes so that the tinnitus goes away for a period of time without the devices. In cases where the patient is wearing hearing aids, the tinnitus system can be retrofit onto the hearing aids.

Dalton is excited about the use of the neurological process.

“Just think about the possibilities,” he said. “Stuttering, for example, is a neurological disambiguation problem. The loss of speech caused by stroke also may be helped by rerouting the signals of the brain to a portion not damaged by the stroke. Even autism and traumatic brain injury are neurologically-based problems that might be changed with the tinnitus method.”

Dalton said future research is being planned by the communication disorders and psychology departments at WTAMU in conjunction with the University of New Mexico Biomedical Research and Integrative Neuroscience Center in Albuquerque.

People interested in help for stroke, stuttering, autism, PTSD, head injury or aphasia can contact the WTAMU Speech and Hearing Clinic at 806-651-5101 for more information.



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Martie Marie
on 8.7.2018

Congrats! Glad to hear you are still working in what you love doing! Wishing you were in San Antonio Texas.

John Walker
on 5.5.2016

Dear Sir or Madam, I am an ex-journeyman carpenter who has severe Tinnitus as a result of years of using a power saw for most of each day. Is it possible for me to be fitted with a device to stop the extreme ringing in my ears that plagues me day and night? Contact information? Sincerely John Walker

Les Dalton
on 3.1.2015

I had quite a lot of correspondence with Dr Dalton a couple of years ago, regarding the debilitating Tinnitus that I suffer from, which was brought on initially by firing 120mm Tank guns whilst in the British Army. The Tinnitus is getting worse each year, and now I have three sounds (all very loud) continually running in my head, the worst of which, is akin to riding in a Hercules 130. Not sure how much more I can take of this situation which is destroying my quality of life. Les, have you got any answers please? With Kind Regards, and in desperation, Les Dalton.

on 1.3.2015

3 years have passed since the publication of this article. When this discovery will be practiced all over the world? Please Doctor, give us news !

Sherry Keyes
on 12.19.2014

I have severe tinnitus. Can you help me?

Gary Daugherty
on 9.6.2014

I have severe tinnitus and naturally interested in this break-through the "Dalton cancellation stimulus". Can I receive an evaluation and treatment?

Dee Cox
on 6.23.2014

I have terrible tinnitus in my right ear and have trouble hearing or discriminating words when conversing with others. This is very disconcerting to me and others. Please consider me to be a participant in your current research. I would appreciate any improvement to my hearing. Please let me know as soon as possible if I can be included in your study. (806)-340-9250

John Wallace
on 1.11.2014

Dr Dalton has been trying to contact me and We haven't managed to connect or communicate with each other.Yes I too have severe tinnitus as I have alot of physical pain,joint issues and my brain seems to be misfiring due to far too much pain to deal with. I have been using tinnitus tamer to reduce the volume of the ringing as it changes to a lower range and sometimes is a hissing sound but anxiety and no sleep doesn't help me rest and recover with a recent Lupus diagnosis

on 12.6.2013

I suffer from tinnitus and im very excited about your research.i would appreciate any further research via my e-mail.thank you

on 5.11.2013

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castera jean marie
on 4.17.2013


ruben ruiz
on 3.29.2013

Please help us!! We cant sleep without drugs, we cant work...

John Kim
on 3.1.2013

I have suffered from tinnitus for more than 6 years. In my case, I got this problem from the exposure to extremely loud noise at a concert. At that time, I was standing just in front of huge speakers. The problem is that I feel the sound gets louder and louder each year. And it seems the kind of sound is newly added and mixed together as time goes by. Seriously, I wish I could fall a sleep without hearing the ringing. If possible, could you please provide more details about the ways to conduct it so that I can practice by myself at home.

Gary Schooley
on 2.24.2013

Airborn Tinnitus Cause: My Tinnitus goes hand-in-hand with contact dermatitis (diagnosed) between my eyes. The doctor said it is from something IN THE AIR. The worse one is, the worse the other is. When it snows, the Tinnitus is much worse. Has anyone ever considered what's in the air and how it relates to Tinnitus?

on 12.30.2012

congratulation for your findings .i am tinnitus sufferer .can you help ?

Jim Bleistein
on 12.20.2012

I am a 59 yr. old tinnitus sufferer. I have had this disorder for at least 15 years. It started one morning during a severe head cold. The coughing was so bad that I was unable to sleep. I went to see my family doctor and he prescribed a strong cough medicine. I believe it contained codeine. The next day, I woke up and had this ringing in my ears. I assumed that it was just from the congestion and would go away. It never did. Since then, each time I would get a cold, it seemed the noise would grow louder. I have my hearing tested every 2 years due to my job. Each time it is progressively worse. The last 2 times I was tested, I barely passed. I had always taken very good care of my ears. I wore earplugs or earmuffs if I did anything that exposed me to noise. When I would sit for a hearing test, I was told that I had incredibly good hearing. Now, when I am driving at highway speeds, with my window open, my ringing can be heard over the wind noise. I was told that a hearing aid would not help me. Please feel free to contact me for details.

Mary Hoodenpyle
on 10.23.2012

My husband and I both have tinnitus. Congratulations on your fabulous work on tinnitus. I would appreciate the results of the study and any suggestions on how to get relief. Thank you.

Sheldon Siegel
on 9.16.2012

Are there are furhter results regarding your study. If the study has been sucessful is there any availablity of the results to sufferers of tinnitus. If so how do I proceed. Thank you for a reply.

Michael Felts
on 9.15.2012

I have chronic tinnitus for about ten years. I have tried many treatments seen ENT's and any suppliment claiming to aid in relief to no avail. I am going insane with this as its getting louder and need some relief. please advise.

bill waldrop
on 7.26.2012

I have had chronic tinnitus for 8 yrs. Been to 8 ENT's, 4 allergy drs., Mayo Clinic - tried anything and everything on the market. No good results. I would like to participate in any kin d of trial or pay for treatment. Will this ever become available for tinnitus? Please keep me posted.

Scott Coleman
on 7.25.2012

I have had Tinnitus for 29 years, with no definite cause. The condition has been quite severe for the past 8 to 10 years. I have tried many things, including a TRT method. I am willing to share all my info and previous attempts for an opportunity of relief. FINALLY, a real diagnostic tool for our ailment. IMHO the TRW and THI questionnaires are a waste of time as any patient subjective tool can be easily manipulated be outside factors.

claudia weeden
on 6.24.2012

I have tinnitus for 4 years, sometimes it get very very bad. are you looking for someone to try this devices. please call me 732-458-2727. Thank You Claudia

Jeff Hinkel
on 5.23.2012

" Torture " is the best word used to describe severe Tinnitus. Sleep is almost not possible without some serious prescription drugs ( Amitriptyline in my case ) and just taking this for sleep has debilitating effects........I have pretty much dropped out of life because of this ailment ( withdraw behavior ) and plan on trying to collect disability for it........Let's all pull together and start lobbying congress to fund research on this.........Check out " Microtransponder ", the company out of the University of Texas in Dallas trying to develop a cure for this horrible ailment......The head of the company explians the difficulties encountered in trying to get research funding hear in the states. Seems to me the government should be helping out.

on 4.28.2012

I have had tinnitus for about 18 years. It has gotten progressively worse to the point it makes it impossible to ride any length of time in a vehicle. I would really like to participate in the study you are doing with Dalton cancellation stimulus. Please contact me if this is possible. Thank you, JoAnne

Cary Jentzsch
on 4.4.2012

I suffer from Tinnitus and I also would like to know about ongoing study and treatment that I can participate in, as it has maded it difficult to get any sleep and has made it difficult to function. I live in Oregon. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Regards, Cary Jentzsch

on 3.23.2012

hola soy un chico de 33 años sufro de acufeno en el oido derecho desde los 9 años a raiz de un golpe que me di en la cabeza en la que perdi el conocimiento me dañe el timpano y tuve una perdida auditiva con el tiempo el acufeno ha ido a mas hasta el punto de ser insoportable y a pesar de que siempre me protejo los oidos con tapones en sitios ruidosos el acufeno se dispara por favor mandadme soluciones estoy desesperado soy de españa,jerez,provincia de cadiz

James Conant
on 3.21.2012

I have suffered from chronic non-stop tinnitus since I was 8 years old. I am now 56, and every year it gets worse. It effects my ability to sleep and hear. Please also let me know if I can participate in any study or treatment program. Thank you, James Conant

christopher johnson
on 3.19.2012

I SUFFER WITH CRONIC TINNITUS. I also would like to know about ongoing study and treatment that I can participate in. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Sincerely, Christopher Johnson.

Leisha Aitken
on 3.19.2012

I suffer from musical tinitis. It is driving me crazy. Is there an ongoing study or treatment that I can participate in? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Sincerely, Leisha Aitken, Pharm.D.,CSPI

Sherif henry
on 3.17.2012

Wow , God. Bless u all , I keep praying for Sucssecfull these researches

on 3.16.2012

I'm 14! I may have noises from drumming loud heavy metal concert etc. I'm doing well getting used t the noise and afterward being told it could go away in time. Please tell me when this is available! Thx for trying to find a cure. I'm a passionate drummer from Detroit and hope for the best in my life!

on 2.26.2012

Please I came back from irak in 2006 with ringing on both of my ears since them my life is a torture.

on 2.15.2012

Praying that god gives strength for the research team to come up with a cure.....Tinnitus is torture.

M. Humphries
on 2.7.2012

I had sudden hearing loss with high pitched shrill tinnitus three years ago on Christmas (it wasn't so merry that year). This is a familial condition as 6 out of 11 family members have the same condition (noise is just different). My youngest sister, with four kids, has completely lost sound in one ear and has horrific tinnitus in both ears. I'm grateful it's mainly in one ear. But, the research I just read is GREAT news!! There is wonderful research going on around the country (UC Irvine, OSHU & Michigan U). For me, I've noticed that a change WHAT I eat affects the actual loudness of the tinnitus. Which is why I cut out caffeine, any preservatives, alcohol (which can come in handy with this malady!) and any ototoxic meds. Plus, I always wear ear plugs in both ears at church during music and while blow drying my hair. Anything to not accecerbate the noise! But, I do believe God will use a doctor(s)and/or researcher(s to evenutally find a cure. I have hope. "Where this is no hope (vision) the people perish". Prv. 29:18. Thanks Dr. Dalton and WTAMU for giving us tinnitus sufferers hope!

David Baime
on 2.1.2012

Wow, somewhat comfoting and disturbing to hear all these tinnitus tales of woe. Guess misery does love company. Ths miserable condition just landed on me about 10 months ago - constant high pitched schrill. No hearing loss, trama, loud noise - just woke up thrust into a new, horrible world - maybe related/tirggered by some dental filling appointments few weeks prior??? I think any hope keeps a lot of us going, so hopefully this is good news towards somethng closet to a cure, or a high % relief. 10 months is just short enough te remember the good old days or normal life; it a digustging thing. I hope and pray I get my life back, so thanks for continued research and progress.

Brad Henson
on 1.30.2012

Thanks for the research.Hope the cure comes soon I have been suffering from this for about 15 years it affects just about every part of my life from sleep to just thinking straight.I have thought many times of just ending my life but I still have hope.Thanks so much to everyone

on 1.22.2012

How do we keep up on this research?

Dan Heimbueger
on 1.21.2012

There seems to be a lot of people here who recently acquired tinnitus and are looking for some help. I am a 25 year old DJ who suffers from this horrible condition due to the work i did for years. While I PRAY for a cure some things i have found to help me quiet my ringing was the use of Ginkgo Biloba and Fish oil. I have been taking them for about a year and have noticed significant reduction of the noise. Its a slow process before you will notice the difference but stick with it. As for sleep I had a very tough time sleeping but i currently sleep with a fan on as well as use a pillow with built in speakers. The pillow works great because i sleep on my side and it put out just enough sound to keep my mind busy and not hear the tinnitus. this pillow is a god send. Hear is the link for the pillow i use. I hope this is helpful to someone, and I hope someday none of us suffers any longer

Roger Cloutier
on 1.11.2012

Reading the article and the comments contained gives me a sense of HOPE, something that is very allusive for sufferers of tinnitus. I've just recently been afflicted, 2 weeks approximately. My life is on hold,is there now a light? I pray there is now.

John Tansley
on 1.10.2012

Your research of tinnitus is "hope." I am currently helped with tinnitus with Widex (zen) hearing aids (very expensive) you think your technology could be programmed into these hearing aids?

Jeff Hinkel
on 1.6.2012

I have severe tinnitus from loud noise exposure and can't sleep at all.I'm loosing weight and fear I might die from insomnia.PLease help if you can;.......I hope you aren't just trying to capitalize on the desperation of sufferers like me. When will your treatment become availible to all the tinnitus clinics across the country?

Denise Autry
on 1.3.2012

I have had this problem since childhood. I still remember waking my mom up at night telling her I felt like I was going crazy. So glad there are studies going on to help this problem. Would love to be free of the "screeching" some time during my lifetime.

Aaron Shantz
on 12.30.2011

Very Exciting! Good work. I'm 32 and have had worsening tinnitus for 10 yrs from noise induced hearing loss. The source of this high frequency hearing loss is unknown to me and the specialists that I have consulted. I haven't had a good nights sleep in 7 yrs. For several years I invested every spare penny I had, and traveled tens of thousands of miles seeking professional help with marginal results. This makes me sceptical, but my suffering also makes me hope that your earthshattering research is what it is. Could you please give me more info? Is treatment available? Have tinnitus will travel...And pay...

Susan Motz
on 12.29.2011

Please continue to do research and make this available to all of us who suffer from this miserable condition. How can we learn more about this treatment? I would like to be added to your mailing list, and give this a try. Hang in there everyone.

Carole Hollis
on 12.28.2011

I have a continuous "white"noise fullof cricket chirpings. In 1963 I was tossed by a horse as it jumped a ditch. I went head over heels and landed on my back in a berry patch. I didn't remember anything of the event. The voices that used to chastize me by telling me I was not worthy were silenced! That may have been the start of my ear noise. There were lots of night cricket noises and I listen to a noise machine at night that was cricket night noise. Some of my learned routines had a part lost. I clog dance and I had lost a step or two in my routines. It was like a scratch in my menu that I had to re learn. In 2007 I was diagnosed with a meningioma and it was successfully removed from behind my right eye. In the recovery room the constant bell ringing on blood pressure machines tried to imprint that noise in my head. I stopped up my ears and stopped that. I believe I have some sort of nerve damage drom that also. It took 64 years to grow. Now I have hypertension, macular degeneration and Imbalance of equilibrium on uneven surfaces. I can cover up the noise with everyday sounds and I like cricket noise so I can live with it. I have very good hearing inspite of all that and do not like loud noises. I don't think I can be helped but your research on brain function may be the answer.Thank you for the insight.

on 12.20.2011

Please keep us informed and updated on your progress. I suffer from tinnitus and its pure torture!

Warren Heyer
on 12.14.2011

I have had light tinnitus for 15 years, just woke up one morning with a crushing headache like a bee's nest exploded inside my head and tinnitus. Headache lasted 6 months and slowly eased off. Now the same thing happened again 21 months ago: headaches with increased tinnitus volume. This has now happened two more times, the most recent 3 weeks ago with a headache that hasn't stopped yet. Tinnitus is very loud and high pitched. There is also an extreme sensitiviy to high frequency sound requiring ear plugs to listen to the TV even at low volume. Let me know when this treatment is available and how I can get it. Have tinnitus, will travel.

michael savoca
on 12.13.2011

As a juvenile correctional staff i was struck in the head by a resident who attacked me. his cupped hand slammed into my right ear and ruptured my ear drum and my ears ring off the hook ever since. Several years later, fighting a forest fire, prolonged noise exposure working adjacent to a helicopter landing pad and other noise exposure did the rest. I would volunteer and gladly compensate your program to advance your treatment trials and my recovery. would appreciate any updates...thanks for your outstanding tinnitus research.

Michael P Chapanar
on 12.11.2011

I am a 100% diabled combat Viet Nam U.S. Marine do to tinnitus and I don't know how much more of this noise I can take. My tinnitus is a high pitch shrill. I would be more than willing to come to you wherever and whenever. May God Bless the work you are doing.

Robert Joyner
on 12.10.2011

I have suffered with this terrible condition since 1997. I went through everything to make this situation more tolerable including bedside noise generators, cd's etc & I even traveled from NC to Charlottesville, VA UVA hospital to be evaluated by a specialist there. The Dr. there made special noise generators for me called Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT)I wore them religiously for more than two years with absolutely no improvement. After 14 years of this debilitating condition. Thank god for folks like you that are trying to get people like us relief. My prayers is that a cure for this awful condition will soon be available. Robert Joyner, Hillsborough, NC

Leslie Dalton
on 12.8.2011

I too have suffered with cronic and debilitating Tinnitus since the mid 1980s, after incurring ear damage through firing the 120mm Chieftain Tank gun. Like Michael below, I am unable to get back to sleep, and have not had a proper night's sleep for several years, sometimes, I feel that I really CAN NOT take much more of it. My noises (3) are a sound like a car running on full revs a few feet away, at the back of my head, a sound like the Niagra Falls on the left, and a high pitched whistle, the car noise is by far the worse and I can hear it over every other background noise. I also have to wear two hearing aids, and when I take them out, I am stone deaf, I sometimes get extremely bitter over the circumstances that ruined what would have been a brilliant military career, through one 120mm tank round, because at 24 years of age, I was then the youngest Sergeant in my regiment, and destined for rapid progress. I was also quite staggered to see that it is my namesake, that is making such progress to eradicate this awful, awful illness. Regards and stay strong to all people like me with Tinnitus, Les Dalton.

Randall King
on 12.7.2011

Is the divice mentioned available in current hearing aids?

Michael Natco
on 12.6.2011

I have had AIED and chronic constant debilitating tinnitus in both ears for the last 7 or 8 years. The hearing loss hasn't changed but the tinnitus is getting progressively worse. The one problem I don't have is falling asleep, but if should be awakened after several hours of sleep, I can't get back to sleep. When it first occurred the sound of waves at the beach would mask it completely but no more. Help

jon crovo
on 12.3.2011

I have only had this for about two months and am going out of my mind. Now I read that people have lived with it for years it's just beyond my grasp HOW... I don't sleep I can't stand the quiet and am NOT very nice to be around right now.... and this is for life

jaesung Lim
on 11.30.2011

How can I joint your trial. Please let me know how to get your helps.

John Browne
on 11.29.2011

Could there be hope? I can't remember what silence truly is.

Carol Bates
on 11.28.2011

How do I find out more about this option, I live in Australia and am desperate as are many others, will it be available as a treatment any time soon. Thank you

Sheila McFather
on 11.27.2011

I am a graduate of WTAMU. I have tinnitus in both ears that began in 1969, while I was a student at the university. I have lived with this condition for years, and have begrudgingly learned to accept that there's no way out, no cure or accommodations to make it easier. Like Gary, I also wear hearing aids for high frequency hearing loss, and have developed a speech disorder, spasmodic dysphonia. Amazingly, while doing a search to get the registrar's address to request a transcript, I came upon this article, and am eager to find out more, and also if there's any way I can be a candidate to participate in more studies on the effectiveness of this procedure. Currently a teacher, in Denver, CO (no, I haven't retired yet :-), but have friends in Amarillo and family in Dallas, and off summers. At any rate, if you have a mailing list/email list, please add my name for receiving news of continuing studies. Congratulations Dr. Dalton and Dr. Bowyer, for your hard and very meaningful work! I'm so proud that your amazing work originated at my alma mater! Sincerely, Sheila McFather Special Ed and Art Teacher, Lakewood, CO PS Your comments are right on, Jason!

jason alexander
on 11.22.2011

We need a cure for TINNITUS now! (the reason for capitalization is because that's how it sounds when you have it!)

Martha N Marie
on 11.19.2011

Congratulations Dr. Dalton and Dr. Bowyer!!! What a blessed innovative method. I am excited to hear if this study may also, lean towards other disorders such as stuttering in the near future.

on 11.17.2011

I am young in comparison to others afflicted with this problem but can relate just as easily. I cannot remember when I didn't hear the tinnitus. Really and truely, I have not been certain as to why healthcare professionals ask if I have "ringing" in my ears because I have always said yes and yet nothing futher is said or done. If there is a need for volunteers, I do live in Canyon. Additionally, I have nine year old twins who have speech problems, even after ear tubes and on going speech therapy. They too have the tinnitus.

Gary McFarland
on 11.15.2011

I've suffered from tinnitus for more than thirty five years. I wear hearing aids for high frequencey hearing loss as well. Would much appreciate updates on cost and availability of retrofit sound generators for hearing aids. Thank you

Maria G
on 11.15.2011

Glad to hear there is success in tinnitus research! My problem with hearing is getting increasingly worse as I get older. I suffer through the effects of people thinking I have "selective hearing" without them understanding how difficult this problem is. Please keep researching!

Ron T.
on 11.15.2011

This is exciting research. Keep up the good research! When will this become available to the general public?

Christine Pakkala
on 11.14.2011

I suffer from tinnitus and I would love to participate in this new research project. Please help!

Dianne M.
on 11.13.2011

Please keep me posted, also. I live in Texas and would consider being a test patient.

Melody A.
on 11.12.2011

I am very interested in learning more! Thank you. : )

Ilko Stefanov
on 11.11.2011

When can he emerge from the market ?

on 11.10.2011

this article is unclear, give us more information please, and god bless anyone who is working on a cure. we are begging for it

Judy L.
on 11.9.2011

Interesting...any real possibility of human clinical trails in the U.S. and making this available to the many who are suffering with tinnitus in the near future? People are watching to see what happens with this research and if it will be an affordable option to the debilitating condition of tinnitus.

Rick Greeno
on 11.8.2011


Jai Narayan
on 11.7.2011

Thank you for a hope. I have had tinnitus for over twenty five years. Please keep me posted.

on 11.7.2011

I live right here in Canyon and have had tinnitus for a long time. Is there a timeline for when such a treatment will be available to the public? I'm ready!

on 11.7.2011

Hello, I'm Brazilian, and I suffer with tinnitus. I was happy with the text. I wonder how long it is expected that the treatment is available.

Sharon Jones
on 11.5.2011

I am 56 years old and do not remember a day when my ears did not ring! It is equivalent to hearing the old type fluorescent lights buzzing all the time, but a lot louder. If you need any volunteers for your project please notify me! I live close to Canyon and would willingly participate.

Ward Mercer
on 11.3.2011

I already wear hearing aids and would welcome this retrofit if it would mask my tinnitus

Christopher Cederroth
on 11.3.2011

Has this been published in a scientific journal?

Gustavo Néstor Pello
on 11.2.2011

I wish you were here in Argentina. Please keep searching a way out!!Thanks

on 11.2.2011

Please keep me updated. How is this different from devices already being used in the ears with 'white sound'. If this is not a permanent much more research will go into it. We tinnitus sufferers are desperate for relief.

on 11.2.2011


Anne Stahl
on 11.1.2011

Can you post any information if this cancellation device will be used for treatment and when? As a tinnitus sufferer I also notice my increasing inability to decipher words/language.

Danielle Souza
on 11.1.2011

Thank you so much for the hope that there is something out there for us who suffer from this terrible noise called TINNITUS. I've had T for 9 years now and hate it very much, to see a brain picture of it helps that others can see its really there. Thanks for the hope of one day I might have peace in my head.

Adam C.
on 11.1.2011

Hope this works and we can get a cure! Thank you Dr Leslie Dalton and Dr Susan Bowyer! God Bless you!

geoff j .
on 11.1.2011

at the end of my there really hope for tinnitus....suffering and still hanging on for hope....

Sal Gentile
on 11.1.2011

Wonderful discovery for Tinnitus. We have 40,000 troops coming home in 2 months and the US Gov has spent $1B on disability already. I have had Tinnitus for 3.5 months and keep searching for innovative methods to help me. Please tell me more about magnetoencephalography. Thank you, Sal Gentile

Dave hayes
on 11.1.2011

Wish you were in Massachusetts.