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Have You Herd? October 2010 Salute


West Texas A&M Geological Society | October 2010

GeologyA big slab of Texas Red Granite has been polished to a sheen and will be part of a special unveiling ceremony during Centennial Homecoming festivities at West Texas A&M University.

WTAMU geology graduates, alumni and friends will gather at 3 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 9 under a big elm tree just north of the Agriculture and Natural Sciences Building to honor geology, anthropology and environmental science professors who have taught at the University during its 100-year history. The polished red granite slab will be unveiled to reveal the West Texas A&M University Geological Society seal with the inscribed names of 28 past and present full time faculty members. The event coincides with the University’s Centennial celebration and marks a Homecoming reunion of the WT Geological Society.

The first name listed on the monument is that of C. Stuart Johnston, who joined the faculty in 1934 when archaeology and paleontology were added to the curriculum. He taught classes in the Department of Paleontology and Archaeology and worked as a director at the museum to classify the numerous finds unearthed across the Panhandle by the Works Progress Administration.

“In those days you could wear many hats,” Dr. Gerald Schultz, professor of geology, said. “Johnston taught archeology and paleontology, things he was interested in.”

And those interests helped build and expand the school’s science curriculum. The department was later named the Department of Anthropology and Geology and today, professors in the Department of Life, Earth and Environmental Sciences all work together to teach a new generation of geologists and scientists.

The 28 professors who will be remembered and honored at Saturday’s monument unveiling are:

C. Stuart Johnston Dr. Franklin W. Daugherty Dr. James R. Underwood Jr. Dr. Joseph C. Cepeda
William F. Read Dr. J. Dan Powell Dr. Paul W. Lambert Bradford C. Hanson
Dr. Archie MacAlpin Dr. Gerald E. Schultz Dr. Jock A. Campbell Dr. W.C.J. Van Rensburg
Dr. Roy Reinhart Selman M. Cook Dr. George B. Asquith Dr. Robert D. Sawyell
Dr. Jack T. Hughes Dr. Robert M. Winn Dr. Edward E. Chatelain Roberta D. Speer
Jerry Harbour John H. Muthersbough Charles Oman Dr. W. Jim Rogers
Dr. Robert C. Burton Donald F. Reaser Patrick S. Willey Dr. Gary C. Barbee

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mike harbour
on 1.11.2011

My father was Jerry Harbour who taught geology at West Texas State around 1958-1960 and went on to have a distinguished career as a geologist for USGS and the NRC. I was very curious if this is the Jerry Harbour honored above?