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Have You Herd? November 2010 Salute

bart williamsSalute

Bart Williams

His gut instinct was to grab a camera, and it’s a decision that has definitely paid off.

Bart Williams, a 1990 West Texas A&M University graduate, has found great success as a director/producer, and when he heard some Broadway performers were going to perform a special song, he knew he wanted to be there.

The song, “It Gets Better,” was written by Williams’ two good friends, Jay Kuo and Blair Shepard, and addresses intolerance and bullying.

“I saw they had written the song and were going to be in the studio with 25 amazing Broadway performers,” Williams said. “My instinct was to get a camera there and capture the moment.”

The song and video have proven to be timely, especially with today’s headlines about bullying-related suicides. Williams, who experienced his own share of bullying as a child, shot, directed, produced and edited the video. So far, it has received more than 235,000 viewings on youtube and thousands of comments have been posted.

“It’s a message of hope,” Williams said. “The video shows this big group of Broadway misfits having a pretty good time and living a fun, joyful life.”

The message behind the song is simple—There are friends yet to meet, there are songs to be sung, there are beautiful sunsets and battles unwon, there is love to be found if you just stick around, don’t give up, your life has just begun—and Williams’ video complements the song. The video can be found at youtube under “It Gets Better (Broadway sings for the Trevor Project).

Williams currently serves as senior producer/development for Winnercomm and has an impressive résumé as show producer with VHI and senior producer with the TV Guide Channel with credits in broadcast, corporate video and commercial spots. While at WTAMU, he was involved in the mass communication/broadcasting program.

“I am incredibly proud of the growth and success of that program,” he said. “WT has one of the best communications schools in the country.”

And WTAMU apparently trained him—and his instincts—well. 

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