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Have You Herd? May 2010 WTAMU to Ease Transfer Process through Community College Partnerships

WTAMU to Ease Transfer Process through Community College Partnerships

West Texas A&M University and area community colleges are streamlining the transfer process for students in a new educational partnership called “Destination WT.”

The WTAMU “Destination WT” partnership agreements with Clarendon College, Frank Phillips College and Amarillo College will provide greater educational opportunities and services for students transferring between the institutions. Dr. J. Patrick O’Brien, WTAMU president, traveled to Clarendon College April 21 to sign the agreement with Dr. William R. Auvenshine, Clarendon College president. He was in Borger May 3 to sign the partnership agreement with Dr. Herbert J. Swender, president of Frank Phillips College and at Amarillo College on May 6 to sign the agreement with Dr. Paul Matney, AC president.

The partnership will save participating community college students time and money when taking the next step toward their educational goals. Students will be encouraged to earn an associate’s degree and/or as many transferable academic credits as possible before transferring to WTAMU; in turn, the partnership agreement will include a reverse transfer process where Clarendon College, Frank Phillips College and Amarillo College are able to award associate degrees to former students who earn the required credit at WTAMU.

At the center of “Destination WT” is a Transfer Plan for each student that outlines coursework for both the associate’s and bachelor’s degrees. The Transfer Plan will simplify degree requirements and help students obtain their degrees more quickly. Academic advising help through coordinated efforts between WTAMU and the student’s respective community college will help ensure progression toward each degree.  

Benefits for community college students who participate in “Destination WT” include a waiver of the WTAMU application fee, admission to the student’s intended program of study, and invitations to attend selected sporting, cultural and special events at WTAMU for free. Scholarships of up to $1,500 are guaranteed through the program.
The “Destination WT” program is limited to students who have earned less than 25 transferable credit hours and are enrolled at Amarillo College, Clarendon College or Frank Phillips College. However, any student at these institutions may utilize the published Transfer Plans.

For more information about “Destination WT,” including scholarship opportunities, Transfer Plans, and how to participate, please call the WTAMU Office of Admissions at 806-651-2020 or visit the website at www.wtamu.edu/DestinationWT.


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sarah patrick
on 9.9.2011

Hi, West Texas home of the fighting Buffalos!Im loveing everything on the sight and I would love to be considered to go to WTAMU!!!