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Have You Herd? June 2010 WTAMU Grad Invited to Study in Scotland

WTAMU Grad Invited to Study in Scotland

With help from West Texas A&M University’s Office of Nationally Competitive Scholarships combined with her impressive record of lab and research work, Hattie Webb landed her own personal invitation from the dean himself for a graduate assistantship at the University of Glasgow in Glasgow, Scotland.Hattie Webb

Webb, who graduated in May from West Texas A&M University with a degree in agriculture education, had high hopes of working on a master’s degree in either Scotland or Ireland after finishing her four years at WTAMU. Elly Mons, coordinator of WTAMU’s nationally competitive scholarships, worked with Webb on various competitive scholarship options and was impressed with her energy and attention to detail while completing the applications.

“I was thrilled to hear of the invitation to attend Glasgow, but frankly not surprised,” Mons said. “A student like Hattie is exceptional and any university would benefit by having her in their student body. Given Hattie’s outstanding research and academic record, offering her a chance to undertake her graduate degree—especially in a field that contributes knowledge and resources vital to the health and well-being of people world wide—was a natural outcome. I know she will make the most of the opportunities available to her in Glasgow and fully immerse herself in the experience.”

Webb will be working on her master’s in veterinary clinical studies as a research assistant at the University of Glasgow, and all tuition is covered.

And that is a sweet deal for Webb. She attributes the good fortune to Mons’ help and to her lab and research work as an undergraduate under Dr. Guy Loneragan, associate professor of animal science. She was hired as a freshman to work as an assistant in Loneragan’s lab and eventually worked her way into the research area.

“I loved my research work with Dr. Loneragan,” she said. “I got my degree in ag ed and did my student teaching in Canadian, but research just fits me better. I’m very appreciative of Dr. Loneragan, and he is very excited for me.”

Webb worked with Loneragan for three years and even got a temporary stint as the lab manager one summer. Loneragan, a world renowned expert on food safety, also gave her the opportunity to attend national and international conferences, where she met leading researchers and faculty members, including the dean from the University of Glasgow.

“Hattie is a wonderful person and an excellent student,” Loneragan said. “Her presence seems to improve everyone else’s outlook, and I am so excited for her to be going to Glasgow as I am excited for Glasgow to get someone like Hattie. She thinks critically and asks the right questions. She will become an excellent researcher.”

The University of Glasgow, one of the oldest universities in the U.K., is a leading research institution. The student population is comprised of students representing more than 100 countries. Webb’s research work there will focus on E. coli, and she will live in a dorm reserved for graduate students and designed much like WTAMU’s Buff Hall. Classes start in September, and Webb hopes to get there and settled in by the end of July.

WTAMU’s Office of Nationally Competitive Scholarships is available to help students prepare and apply for the various prestigious and competitive merit-based scholarships available to undergraduates and graduate students. For more information about nationally competitive scholarships, contact Mons at 806-651-2587 or ncs@wtamu.edu.



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