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Have You Herd? August 2010 University to Eliminate Parking

University to Eliminate Parking on Russell Long Boulevard

Concerns over pedestrian safety have prompted officials at West Texas A&M University to eliminate all parking on the north and south sides of Russell Long Boulevard beginning with the fall 2010 semester.

Russell Long Boulevard runs along the north side of the WTAMU campus, and pedestrian traffic crossing the road from the Virgil Henson Activities Center, the Dining Hall and residence halls has always been a concern. With foot traffic expected to increase with the opening of the new Buffalo Sports Park, University officials decided to eliminate parking on both sides of the street to provide better protection for students. Bike lanes will be installed in place of the parking.

“Parking issues and concerns exists on every university campus,” Gary Barnes, vice president for business and finance, said. “WT continually reviews parking with the goal of improvements for all constituents. With the increased activity along Russell Long Boulevard due to increasing student enrollment, students going to classes back and forth across Russell Long Boulevard, and the increased activity with the completion of our new sports complex, student safety is of primary importance on this very heavily traveled street.”

Parking for students, faculty, staff and visitors is available in the north parking area of the First United Bank Center (FUBC). A shuttle runs every 10 minutes from 7:45 a.m.-5:15 p.m. Monday through Thursday from the FUBC to the Pedestrian Mall. Parking at the FUBC does not require a WTAMU parking permit at this time.


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