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Have You Herd? August 2010 Amarillo Center Home to Buff Boutique

Amarillo Center Home to Buff Boutique and Haberdashery

Tucked away in a corner of the Amarillo Center is West Texas A&M University’s newest venture in student support and success—the Buff Boutique and Haberdashery.

The Boutique is the brainchild of Dr. Nancy Cartwright, the John G. O’Brien Distinguished Chair in Education. She saw a need, put in a few requests and today, students in the Department of Education are reaping the benefits. The Buff Boutique and Haberdashery provides nice, clean professional clothing for WTAMU students just beginning their teaching careers.

“We noticed that our students weren’t coming to field service interviews in professional dress,” Cartwright said. “I realized that they just didn’t have the money with school and loans and everything else.” So as the John G. O’Brien Distinguished Chair in Education, which creates a partnership between the University and the Amarillo Independent School District, Cartwright shared her concerns with WTAMU faculty and AISD. Before she knew it, Cartwright had an outpouring of pressed, clean professional clothing from professors, principals and teachers.

The shop was open for ‘business’ last spring and so far, more than 25 education students have visited the seventh floor location to browse the racks and sort through the stacks for just the right suit, pair of slacks or dress in their first step toward a teaching career. The clothing is free to each student, and Cartwright’s goal is to have all WTAMU students going out in the community professionally dressed.

“The support for the Buff Boutique and Haberdashery has been wonderful. We have received so many donations of nice clothing for our students, and they are so grateful,” says Cartwright. “Data indicates that professional dress is important not only for the job interview, but it’s also an important part of behavior and classroom management.”

Cartwright has organized a time for volunteers to come in from 9 a.m.-noon on Thursday, Sept. 9 to help sort and organize clothing at the Boutique. Those interested can email Cartwright at ncartwright@wtamu.edu or just show up and the doors to the Buff Boutique and Haberdashery will be open.


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Jo Carol Kimery
on 8.20.2010

This is one of the most OUTSTANDING programs I know of! Working at Macy's in Indianapolis, I have the opportunity to meet and work with young graduates and their mother's as they attempt to put an affordable, professional wardrobe together. It is challenging. For me, working at the Buffalo Boutique and advising these young grads on professional "fashion" would be more rewarding than working at Macy's.