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Dr. Stephen Bogener, assistant professor of history, is the recipient of the Best Paper in U.S. History Award presented by the Southwest Historical Association at its April conference in Denver, Colo. Bogener also is contributing a chapter to an upcoming book edited by Paul Carlson and Bruce Glasrud on the Texas High Plains. His chapter will focus on the  economic/business history of the region. He also is contributing works on the Carlsbad Irrigation Project and the Pecos River Basin for an encyclopedia titled Water, Politics and the Environment in the United States.

Dr. Bruce Brasington, professor of history, presented “Changes in Family Law: From Burchard to Gratain” at the Sixth Carlsberg Conference on Medieval Legal History April 29-May 1 at the Carlsberg Academy in Copenhagen. The paper discussed his research into changes in ecclesiastial law during the late 11th century and early 12th centuries in the areas of marriage and family. Brasington also moderated a session on jurisprudence in the 12th century.

Dr. Mike Brown, associate professor of ruminant nutrition, was an invited speaker at the second Brazilian Ruminant Nutrition Conference April 24-25 in Botucatu, Sao Paulo, Brazil. He presented two talks dealing with adapting beef cattle to high-concentrate diets. The two papers were published in the proceedings of the meeting. He also presented two lectures in two graduate classes at the University of Sao Paulo, Botucatu campus. A group of 43 feedlot industry people from Brazil were at WTAMU on May 15 to tour the University’s research feedlot facility.

Dr. Karyn Friske, Pickens Professor of Business and associate professor of accounting, and Dr. Darlene Pulliam, McCray Professor of Business and professor of accounting, are the authors of “Beyond the Bailout—Treasury Notices Negate Effect of Section 382 on Bailout Corporations” in the June issue of Tax Adviser.

Dr. Nabarun Ghosh, assistant professor of biology, is the author of four articles published in the Texas Journal of Microscopy, Vol. 40, No. 1. The articles include “Use of Microscopy and Biometrics in Forensics” with Dr. Neal Latman, associate professor of biology, Don Smith and Caitlin Schmidt, “Effect of Atrazine on Freshwater Phytoplankton Growth, Population Density,” with Dr. Jim Rogers, associate professor of environmental science, Griselda Estrada and Asley Thompson, “Effects of Atrazine on Allium Cepa Root Tip Mitosis,” with Christian Ridner and Magan Taylor, and “A Novel Technique Coupled with Fluorescence Microscopy for Analysis of Aeroallergens” with Mandy Whiteside. The journal’s cover page was published with a fluorescent micrograph of pollen of three species of plants by Ghosh and Whiteside.

Michael Grauer, associate director for curatorial affairs/curator of art at Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum, gave a gallery discussion May 30 at William Reaves Fine Art in Houston. The talk was on “Texas in Art: The Texas Aesthetic II, Tracing Traditions of Subject and Style in Contemporary Texas Painting.”

Dr. Dean Hawkins, professor and head of the Department of Agricultural Sciences, served as chair of the U.S.D.A. Western Regional W-1112 Research Project “Reproductive Performance in Domestic Ruminants” May 18-19 in Reno, Nev. The annual meeting was attended by 25 reproductive physiologists from 20 different states. Hawkins has been a member of this multi-state project for 18 years.

Dr. Harry Hueston, associate professor of criminal justice, and Shawn Burns, WTAMU chief of police, are the authors of an article published in the May/June issue of Campus Law Enforcement Journal. The article is titled “Educating the Campus Community on Active Shooters: The WTAMU Model.”

Dr. Laura Jean Krissl
, assistant professor of accounting, and Dr. Darlene Pulliam, McCray Professor of Business and professor of accounting, are the authors of a paper published in the June Journal of Accountancy. The paper is titled “IRS Proposes Basis-Tracing Regulations.

Dr. Guy Loneragan, associate professor of beef cattle health and management, was an invited speaker at the National Integrated Food Safety Initiative Project director’s meeting July 11 in Grapevine. His talk was titled “Pre-harvest Critical Control Points in Feedyards to Prevent Cross-Contamination of Pathogens onto Cattle and Other Environmental Areas.” He also spoke at the Third SteakExpert meeting June 25 in Angers, France. His presentation was titled “Les nouvelles solutions disponibles pour controler les E. coli O157:H7 avant l’abattage (Emerging Optins to Control E. colo O157:H7 Pre-Harvest). Loneragan also has been invited to serve on the North American Food animal Well-Being Commission. The commission, led by Dr. Daniel Thomson of Kansas State University, will be the peak standard-setting body for welfare and well-being standards for cattle production in North America.

Dr. Elizabeth Morrow Clark, associate professor of history, was a presenter at the Legacy of the Holocaust Conference: Family and the Holocaust May 21-23 at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. Her presentation was titled “How Families Recall Tragedy: Theory, Method and Application in Multi-Generational Interviews.” She also moderated a panel on “The Postwar Era.” In March, Dr. Clark was an invited lecturer for “Reading the Globe” students from Texas A&M international University who had traveled to Poland to study the Holocaust. “Reading the Globe” was modeled in part on WTAMU’s Readership Ambassadors experience.

Dr. Sean Murphy
, assistant professor of economics, is the author of an article published in the International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance, Vol. 22, issue 4. The article is titled “Determining Factors in the Treatment Choice of Patients with Hypertension with Complications and Secondary Hypertension.”

Dr. Keith Price, associate professor of sociology and criminal justice, and Dr. Robert Beckley, professor of sociology, are the authors of an article published in Vol. 3, Issue 1 of The Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice Education and Research. The article is titled “Criminal Acts of Violence Among Capital Murder Offenders in Texas.”

Nicholas Scales
, instructor of double bass, was an invited presenter at the International Society of Bassists convention June 8-13 at Penn State University. The pedagogical presentation was titled “Vomits, Etc.—A Look at the Effectiveness and Overall Impact of Gary Karr’s Technical Exercises.” Scales also has just recently completed his coursework toward a Doctor of Musical Arts at Texas Tech University and is working on his final thesis document on the impact of bassist Gary Karr and his technical exercise system.

Dr. Jean Stuntz
, associate professor of history, chaired a panel on “Women Who Colonized, Negotiated and Held Their Liquor: The Significance of Gender in Social Encounters of the Colonial Southeast, 1606-1821” June 6 at the Southern Association for Women Historians conference in Columbia, S.C. She also participated in workshops mentoring graduate and Ph.D. students.

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