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Have You Herd? April 2010 Salute


Dr. Marty Kuhlman | April 2010

jenifer kunzHe practically grew up on campus, so who better to write a Centennial history of West Texas A&M University?

Dr. Marty Kuhlman, associate professor of history, has spent four years and approximately 1,000 hours researching the University’s 100-year history for the Centennial book titled Always WT. Since its March release, he has signed more than 90 copies of the book, and more book signings are planned. Plus, he enjoys sharing some of the interesting facts he gleaned from his research about the University’s early years.

Kuhlman said he was surprised to find how involved the community was in the life of the school. When the University organized its band program, community members were invited to be a part of it. The town even built a gazebo at the courthouse where the band could play.

He also said the school held a contest between the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior classes to see which one could sell the most war bonds. In one week in January 1943, the energetic freshman class sold 6,000, and the entire campus sold a total of 12,000.

WTAMU’s history is of special interest to the history professor. His grandfather and father witnessed various stages of the school’s history, and Kuhlman grew up in Canyon and fondly remembers attending football games and homecoming activities, including the barbecue meal served on the lawn of Old Main and seeing the play Oklahoma in the old Fine Arts Building in 1969. After high school, he moved into Guenther Hall and earned three degrees here. His roommate, Keith Dunavant, now of Hartford, Wis., remembers Kuhlman as mild mannered, quiet, intellectual and thrifty.

And WTAMU is still a big part of his life. Not only does Kuhlman teach here, but he also hosts Psychotic Reaction, a classic rock show, with Dr. Bruce Brasington, professor of history, at 7 p.m. each Tuesday on WTAMU’s campus station, KWTS 91.1 FM. He’s also a fan of the Dining Hall and claims to have eaten more meals there than most.

“I still eat there. I look forward to it,” he laughs.

Now that Always WT is finished, Kuhlman should have hours of free time, but he is as busy as ever. He is working on his third book, a children’s book about a buffalo. The book will have a WTAMU theme, and one of his students is helping illustrate the story. Kuhlman’s first book, Barriers, was published in 2007.

Whether it’s teaching, researching or spinning tunes, Kuhlman definitely lives and breathes West Texas A&M University, and Always WT gives him an opportunity to share that passion.

Always WT can be ordered online at wtamu.edu/wtbook or available for purchase at University Bookstore. 

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