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Haiduk Receives 2012 IBM Faculty Award

Dec. 18, 2012

COPY BY: Rana McDonald, 806-651-2129, rmcdonald@wtamu.edu

Haiduk Receives 2012 IBM Faculty Award

CANYON, Texas—H. Paul Haiduk, coordinator of the computer science program at West Texas A&M University, is the recipient of a 2012 IBM Faculty Award, and the University’s computer science program will benefit from the award’s $20,000 prize.

The highly competitive IBM Faculty Awards recognize outstanding faculty achievement and are renewable annually. Haiduk, a two-time recipient, joins a prestigious list of 2012 winners representing universities from Berlin to North Carolina and is the only recipient from the state of Texas.

Candidates are nominated by IBM employees based on the candidate’s research and its importance to business and industry. The award is designed to encourage collaborations between IBM and university researchers around the world while promoting cutting-edge curriculum and courseware. H. Paul Haiduk

Haiduk received the award based on research related to IBM’s System z and one of its operating systems, z/OS. Haiduk and his intern, Vance Morris, worked with IBM for several months to deploy a System z emulator on an Intel processor Linux system. According to IBM, the work completed by Haiduk and Morris positioned WTAMU’s computer science program as the first in the world to deploy the System z emulator on workstations in a student accessible lab. This was “proof of concept” work to determine whether such deployment was feasible and potentially usable for educating students worldwide in the use of mainframe computing.  

As a result of the work by Haiduk and Morris, IBM plans to license to universities sometime in 2013 a product named Rational Developer and Tester for System z or RDz and T. This product supports the complete suite of software for z/OS including software development in HLASM (High Level Assembler), C, C++, COBOL,  DB2, Java, PL/I, REXX and many others. 

The award money will be used to continue research in mainframe computing as well as to support instruction in computer science at WTAMU. A part of the award money has been used to purchase the most powerful portable Intel Linux server system available on the market today. This system will be used to run the RDz and T system as well as numerous other operating systems including several variants of Linux, Mac OS/X and Windows. The system portability will permit Haiduk to easily take the system to the classroom or on the road. In addition, this system will support the development of course materials for teaching mainframe computing as a part of the University’s computer science curriculum. 

IBM and the computer science program established a working partnership several years back.  One benefit of this partnership is the technical and software support IBM provides WTAMU’s program.  IBM  provides WTAMU access to a System z running z/OS at the IBM Innovation Center in Dallas. This system is for exclusive use by the WTAMU computer science program and is managed by Haiduk and his interns. The system is affectionately named “Buffalo Thunder.” It supports classes in Enterprise Computing.

The Enterprise Computing focus is one of three tracks in the computer Science curriculum at WTAMU. This curriculum has a software engineering emphasis geared toward mainframe computing.  The University’s computer science program is unique in the southwest as the only computer science program to offer such a focus. Students who pursue this track are virtually guaranteed employment in Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, CA Technologies and Fidelity Investments. According to a recent Forbes online article (http://finance.yahoo.com/news/top-jobs-2013-000102499.html), software engineering/development has shown the greatest job growth since 2010. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 30 percent job growth in this area by 2020. 

Morris graduated Dec. 14 with a bachelor’s degree in computer science with the Enterprise Computing focus and will begin full-time employment with IBM in January. Brett Dawson, who has been Vance’s understudy during the fall semester, will work with Haiduk to continue the mainframe computing support.



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Steve Sherrill
on 2.11.2013

Harry, Congratulations on this award. I am not surprised by your accomplishments. Your research will benefit the business community as well as the University. I look forward to your continued success. Steve Sherrill Sr. VP Citizens Bank Claude Class of 1975

Billy Henderson
on 12.22.2012

I am very proud to call this man my Uncle! Good job Unc!!!

Vance Morris
on 12.20.2012

Go Buff CS!!

Celeste Cox
on 12.19.2012

Way to go.