Haasl Named Faculty Director for Rogers LEAD WT

May 1, 2018

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Haasl Named Faculty Director for Rogers LEAD WT


CANYON, Texas—Rick Haasl, assistant dean of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences at West Texas A&M University, will expand his role at the University Aug. 1 when he becomes the new faculty director for the Rogers LEAD WT program.

“In the years I have known Rick, he has a demonstrated love for students and for leadership,” Mike Knox, vice president for the Office of Student Enrollment, Engagement and Success, said. “I am so pleased that he will have the opportunity to work where these two passions intersect. We look forward to seeing Rick inspire and teach in the Rogers LEAD WT program.”

In addition to a new faculty director, the program will offer its senior scholars an opportunity to serve the University president asRick Haasl President’s Ambassadors at various donor-related events, beginning in the 2018-2019 academic year.

“As part of the Rogers LEAD WT program, scholars are offered opportunities to participate in networking events to enhance their skillset as they move on from the University into the professional world.  We see these donor-related events as a great collaboration between our program, the University community and our surrounding Panhandle community.  The connections our students will be able to make, not only with our President, but also with professionals in their fields will have a strong impact on their development,” Missy Macon, program director, said.

Rogers LEAD WT is a leadership certificate program at WTAMU designed to help students discover their leadership potential through education, application and service. The first cohort of LEAD Scholars began in 2012, and 27 students were just named to the 2018 cohort. The program is housed in the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership under the direction of Macon.

Students from all disciplines are encouraged to apply, and the program is designed toward a student’s major and plans for the future. LEAD WT students spend approximately 10-15 hours per month meeting program requirements that include four credit hours in leadership courses as well as eight credit hours of approved courses within the student’s major. A team project to benefit the campus community is also required. Real-world applications include an approved internship as well as participation in events that include an etiquette dinner, networking events and public speaking opportunities. Students completing the program receive a leadership certificate, and it will be noted on their transcripts that they have completed a Certification in Leadership from WTAMU.

As the Rogers LEAD WT faculty director, Haasl will teach LEAD courses each semester and manage all academic content for the program. He is filling the position vacated by Amber Black, director of career services, who plans to step down as the faculty director at the end of the spring semester.

“Rick is a great addition to the already strong Rogers LEAD WT program,” Dr. Wade Shaffer, provost and vice president for academic affairs, said. “He brings experience, dedication and proven leadership skills to the program.”

 Haasl joined the WTAMU faculty in 2005 as an instructor in the Department of Sports and Exercise Sciences, where he taught both undergraduate and graduate courses. Haasl was named assistant to the dean in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences in 2013. He was recently moved to the position of assistant dean and will continue in that role. Haasl is currently conducting his doctoral dissertation in higher education administration at Texas Tech University.

 “Terry and I are thrilled to have Rick join the program; we love these young people and want what’s best for them,” Dyke Rogers, program supporter, said.  “We are pleased with where the program has been and are looking forward to it getting stronger and stronger.” 



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Daniel Miller
on 5.26.2018

Good for Rick, or as I knew him in class as Coach Haasl. Coach always took the time to talk to students individually and made a point to ask about our individual lives and what was going on with us. He definitely made you feel like you were cared for and that you were viewed by him as a friend, and not just another student coming through the door.