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Cornette Library to Host Annual Faculty Research Poster Session

Feb. 22, 2012

COPY BY:    Rana McDonald, 806-651-2129, rmcdonald@wtamu.edu

Cornette Library to Host Annual Faculty Research Poster Session

CANYON, Texas—Cornette Library at West Texas A&M University will host the seventh annual Faculty Research Poster Session from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 23 in the library’s First Floor Gallery.

The Faculty Research Poster Session provides a forum for WTAMU faculty and staff members to showcase their current research in an informal and interactive setting. Poster exhibits will be displayed throughout the exhibit area, and information about each research project will be available.

Shawna Kennedy-Witthar, director of information and library resources, will offer remarks at 12:15 p.m., followed by Dr. James Hallmark, provost/vice president for academic affairs. Breakout sessions also are available with information on how to do a research poster at 1 a.m. with Dr. Syed Anwar, professor of marketing; at noon with Dr. Trudy Hanson, head of the Department of Communication; and at 1 p.m. with Dr. Tanner Robertson, assistant professor of agricultural media and communication.

WTAMU faculty members submitted proposals for this year’s poster session for review by the Cornette Library Poster Session Committee. Faculty members whose proposals were accepted for the session are listed along with the title of their research.

Lal Almas, Kathleen Brooks and David Link—Sorting Heavy Cattle at Re-Implant to Improve Cattle Feeding Operations Profitability.

Gary Bigham—Determining When a Research Proposal Requires IRB Approval: The Development of an Instrument for Clear and Concise Guidance from the IRB to the Researcher.

Brock Blaser and David Lust—Forage Production and Livestock Performance with Winter Wheat and Triticale.

Butler Cain—Debating Press Freedom and Judicial Restrictions in the New York Constitutional Convention of 1821.

Robin Capt—Correlations between Critical Thinking and the Texas Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities EC-12 Test.

Gene Carlisle—Multiple Holographic Image Storage in Liquid Crystal Doped with Methyl Red and Carbon Nanotubes.

Joseph Cepeda—Estimating Maximum Possible Point Rainfall and Flooding in Western Texas.

Elizabeth Clark—For Our Freedom and Yours: How History Narratives in Polish Graphic Novels Convey a National Value to Youth.

Catherine Clewett, F. M., et al.—Characterization of Organic Carbon from the Deep Subsurface: The Witwatersrand Basin, South Africa.

David Craig—The ALFALFA HI Galaxy Survey 40 percent Release and Follow-up Observations.

Leslie Dalton

Maxine De Butte-Smith and J. Cargill—Impact of Ovariectomy on Behavioral Consequences of 2VO in Middle-aged Female Rats.

Nick Flynn—Analysis of Factors Related to Acrylamide Production in French Fried Potatoes.

Trudy Hanson, James Hallmark, Jessica Mallard and G. Griego—Faculty Engagement with Students in Discipline Specific and Non-Discipline Specific First Year Seminars.  

David Lust and Kathleen Brooks—Confined Cow-Calf Production as an Alternative to Grazing Systems During Drought.

Susan Nix and Gary Bigham—An Analysis of Developing Leadership Philosophies.

Keith Price and Susan Coleman—Narrative of Neglect: Texas Prisons for Men.

Marty Rhoades, David Parker, N.A. Cole, R.W. Todd, E.A. Caraway, B.W. Auvermann, Don Topliff and Greta Schuster—Continuous Ammonia Emission Measurements from a Commercial Beef Feedyard in Texas.

• Tanner Robertson, Kristina Drumheller, Lance Kieth and Kelsey Fort—U. S. Facebook Users’ Agricultural Knowledge and Level of Interest in Agriculture.

Rocky Ward—Conservation Genetics Research at West Texas A&M University.  



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