Grauer Prize

Cow Man painting

The Grauer Prize

Awarded the best annual submission to the Panhandle-Plains Historical Review in the field of early Texas art history

This award was established in 2015 by the Texas Art Collectors Organization (TACO) to honor the significant contribution of Paula L. and Michael R. Grauer to the study of early Texas art.

The Grauer Prize includes publication in the Panhandle-Plains Historical Review and an award of $3,000.

The award is designed to encourage scholarship about “early Texas art,” here designating artwork (i) created more than 50 years ago, (ii) by artists working in Texas, or (iii) Texans working anywhere. 

Submissions for the Grauer Prize should be made to the editor of the Panhandle-Plains Historical Review. They will then be forwarded to the Grauer Prize award panel.

This prize for excellence in scholarship may not be awarded every year.