Garry L. Nall Lecture Series 

Honoring Dr. Garry L. Nall’s exceptional service to WTAMU and his scholastic accomplishments, this Endowed Lecture Series supports CSAW’s mission to promote the study of the American West. Each semester CSAW invites a noted scholar to participate in a community lecture, classroom lecture(s), a question & answer discussion session, and small group outings with students (typically CSAW interns and Western American Studies minors). 

Comprised of the fall Western Scholars Lecture and spring Western Writers Lecture, this lecture series brings Western historians artists to WTAMU’s campus.

Past lecturers include:

  • Spring 2017 - S. C. Gwynne (writer): "On Offense: Writing West Texas from Comanche Wars to Tech Football." Click below to see the:
  • Fall 2016 - Patricia Limerick (scholar): "Both Stranger and Kin: Wrestling--Successfully!--with the Riddle of Texas's Place in the American West." Click below to see the: 
  • Spring 2016 - Philipp Meyer (writer)
  • Fall 2015 - Dan Flores (historian)