Comprehensive Nursing Web Sites

Indexes a variety of nursing resources in the areas of mentors, forums, employment web boards, and student information. A section on nursing specialties is provided with links to critical care nursing, geriatric/home health nursing, emergency nursing, and maternal-child nursing.
Lists over 2,000 Web sites pertinent to nursing under topics such as alternative health, diseases and illness, drug resources, managed care sites, medical sites online, mental health, patient education, and wellness.
Martindale's: The "Virtual" Nursing Center
Advertizing itself as a "Medical Multimedia Education and Specialized Information Resource Center", this Web site contains links to medical literature and patent searches; courses and tutorials; interactive cases; national boards and review questions; and nursing references.

Medical Research Resources

Sponsored by Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and University of Michigan medical schools. Edited by M.D.s and Ph.D.s in biomedical science. Uses the wiki model to create free, high quality medical information sources. New in February 2009, hopefully will continue to grow.
Invites web site users to search medical and health related topics using Medscape or MEDLINE. Additional services provided at this Web site include practice guidelines, interactive cases and quizzes, conference reviews, and journal review scans. Requires free registration.
U.S. National Library Of Medicine (NLM)
Information about accessing a number of biomedical/health sciences databases and related electronic resources is provided through NLM's web site. Current news about NLM's research programs, publications, and grants/acquisitions is also available.

Nursing Student Resources

Provides an unmoderated, open, and global electronic forum for nursing students to discuss issues of interest to them in the areas of the nursing profession, nursing student concerns, National Student Nursing Association events, and electronic databases and libraries that contain resources that are of use to nursing students. Instructions for participating in this forum are included at this web site.

Professional Nursing Organizations

Texas Board of Nursing
Informs web site visitors of changes to the Nursing Practice Act and Board regulations as well as to Board position statements, regulatory issues and Board activities. A table of contents provides links to Board members, contact information, consumer news, practice issues, and statistical information.
National Student Nurses' Association (NSNA)
Highlights a variety of nursing student resources with links to a Career Center, scholarship information, chapter activities, continuing education, graduate education, conventions, and the NSNA Foundation. This web site invites nursing student participation with information on becoming an Association member, procedures on running for office, and a link to a discussion forum.
Texas Nurses' Association (TNA)
A state constituent of the American Nurses Association (ANA), this web site presents information on member features, public service, and how to contact TNA. Additional information on the Texas Nurses Foundation is also available.

Special Interests

The Florence Project
This grass-roots organization is committed to improving health care and maintaining the professional status of nurses. Their web site promotes advocacy with links to topics such as media watch, legislation, and organizational fund raising efforts. - Nursing Career, Education, & Community Resource
Includes job search tools, career advice, educational resources, forums, blogs, and original news.