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See also related guides on Bioterrorism and September 11, 2001 and Aftermath.

News and Current Events

World Terrorism Report
Links to news articles on terrorism from a variety of English language news services, including American, British, Afghani, and Pakistani sources. Registration required.
Latest News from the White House
Links to Presidential actions and publications, homeland security, humanitarian, diplomatic, military, financial, investigative, and recovery actions.
Department of Defense
Links to articles, press releases, advisories, briefings, speeches, transcripts, slides, etc. from the Department of Defense.
Terrorist Designations and State Sponsors of Terrorism
Terrorist designation lists. Terrorist Groups and Most Wanted Terrorists (under The Terrorist Enemy). Archived press releases (under 2001-2009 Archives, Issues and Press tab).
Department of Homeland Security
Main web site for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Background and Context

Cornette Library Catalog: Terrorism
Books, journals, government documents, and web sites about terrorism available from the Cornette Library. Those sources shown in the results list with the location of "Internet" are available over the web. Others may be checked out or used in the library.
Country Reports on Terrorism
From the State Department. Replaces the publication Patterns of Global Terrorism
The September 11th Source Books: National Security Archive Online Readers on Terrorism, Intelligence and the Next War
Six volumes of documents chosen as "the most important available primary sources on U.S. terrorism policy." Includes CIA biographic sketches on Usama Bin Laden and Taliban leader Mohammad Omar, reports from the Pentagon and the Senate Intelligence Committee on previous terrorist attacks on the USS Cole and the Khobar Towers, the State Department's overview of global terrorism and the FBI's review of terrorism in the U.S., several Congressional Research Service briefs, General Accounting Office reports on combating terrorism, and key policy directives on terrorism from the Pentagon and from Presidents Reagan and Clinton. Volume 2 focuses on the lessons learned from the Soviet war in Afghanistan. Other volumes discuss biowarfare, the United States involvement in Afghanistan in the 1970s, the anthrax accident at Sverdlovsk in 1979, and the use of Special Forces in the hunt for Osama Bin Laden.
The Global Terrorism Database (GTD)
Developed by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START), the GTD an open-source database including information on terrorist events around the world since 1970 (currently updated through 2004), including almost 80,000 cases, international and domestic, including information about the dates and locations of incidents, the weapons used, the nature of targets, the number of casualties, and -- when identifiable -- the identity of the perpetrator.
Federation of American Scientists Intelligence Resource Program
This site provides a selection of official and unofficial resources on intelligence policy, structure, function, organizations and operations. Their Terrorism: Background and Threat Assessments section includes their own reports, such as ones on the Taleban and al-Qa'ida, as well as links to various government reports.
Culture And Conflict Studies
From the Naval Graduate School. Offers resources on international cultures and discusses points of conflict.
RAND: Newslinks: Terrorism and Homeland Security Research
Links to research and analysis, reports and books, summaries, activities/presentations, commentary, and congressional testimony on terrorism and low-intensity conflict.
Articles from the Center for Nonproliferation Studies of the Monterey Institute of International Studies, reporting on terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, U.S. domestic preparedness and response to terrorism, agroterrorism, and a link to the CNS terrorism database. Last updated in the summer of 2006.

Other Web Guides

America's War Against Terrorism: World Trade Center/Pentagon Terrorism and the Aftermath
Extensive collection of links on the September 11th attack, counterterrorism, previous attacks, other countries, and background research sources.
Attack on America: Remembering September 11
Has archives, exhibits, and information on the victims and perpetrators. War on Terrorism Resource Guides includes sections on Osama bin Laden, al Qa'ida, and post-Saddam Iraq.

Selected Government Agencies

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