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'And what are you reading Miss --?'

'Oh! it is only a novel!'...or, in short, only some work in which the most thorough knowledge of human nature, the happiest delineation of its varieties, the liveliest effusions of wit and the humour are conveyed to the world in the best chosen language.

[Northanger Abbey, Ch.5]
Jane Austen

English Literature on the Web
This site, provided by a literature student at Nagoya University in Japan serves up an exhaustive series of links focusing mainly on American and British Literature. Last updated 2003. The links are broken down by time period, although sections on E-text archives, American authors and British authors are included.
Literary Resources on the Net
This is an exhaustive list of links to literary resources provided by an Assistant Professor of English at Rutgers University. Links are broken down by time period as well as the following: theatre and drama, theory, women's literature and feminism, ethnicities and nationalities, other national literatures, bibliography and history of the book. Although sections on classical and medieval European literature are provided, the focus of this site is American and British literature. Some annotations are provided.
The Literary Web
The School of Information Sciences at the University of Tennessee provides this page of literary links. The site is broken down into the following sections: authors, books, children's literature, journals, literary resources, poetry and writing resources. Annotations are provided.
Online Literary Criticism Collection
The Internet Public Library provides these links to literary criticism covering British, Colonial, and American literature. You can browse by time period, by title, or by author. Annotations are provided.
Voice of the Shuttle: English Literature Page (Internet Archive)
Voice of the Shuttle is a directory of humanities resources on the Web, provided by the University of California, Santa Barbara. It is probably the most comprehensive literature directory on the Web. Voice of the Shuttle provides links to British and American literature while also providing links to English literature from Africa, Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, Ireland, New Zealand, the Subcontinent and Wales. Links are broken down by time period, geographic area and by genre. Annotations are provided.
WWW Resources for English and American Literature
Indiana University Bloomington's library system provides these links to a variety of resources. Materials are broken down by nationality (American and British) and time period. There are also sections on creative writing and 'other literatures in English'. Annotations are provided.