Digital Collections

Some books are to be tasted,

others to be swallowed,

and some few to be chewed and digested.

[Essays, 50, 'Of Studies']
Francis Bacon

Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts
Created by a librarian, and hosted by Berkeley, Alex provides access to a variety of full-text versions of literature's greatest works. The focus is towards British and American Literature with some Classical materials.
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
In addition to providing full-text access to all of Shakespeare's plays and poetry, this site also has a section on famous quotations from Shakespeare, a chronological list of the plays and a search engine that allows all of Shakespeare's works to be searched simultaneously. The site is provided by MIT.
The EServer: Accessible Online Publishing
Based at Iowa State University, The English Server consists of a wealth of information relating to studies in the humanities. Most notably, the English Server offers full-text access to fiction, non-fiction, drama, journals, criticism, poetry and more. The server also has a section dedicated to eighteenth century studies.
Internet Classics Archive Project
Hosted at MIT, this site provides access to about 500 works by about 70 authors. The focus is on Greco-Roman sources.
Internet Public Library Literature - Online Texts
Substantial link collection referencing online collections of literature from around the globe, and from classical to modern times.
Oxford Text Archives
Includes several thousand electronic texts, in a variety of languages, such as "electronic editions of works by individual authors, standard reference works such as the Bible and mono-/bilingual dictionaries, and a range of language corpora". Great Books Online
Full-text access to reference books, poetry, fiction, and non-fiction.
Project Gutenberg
Perhaps the best known source of full-text literature, Project Gutenberg provides online access to literature and reference material from all over the world, with an emphasis on english language resources. Nearly 10,000 titles are made available through Project Gutenberg.
Representative Poetry On-line
The University of Toronto hosts this site that provides full-text access to the works of several hundred poets. The focus is mainly on British and American poetry.