Library Terminology Survey : Archival Content from Bennett Ponsford: No longer maintained

Librarians tend to use technical jargon. The Library Terminology Survey attempts to find out what non-jargon words best describe for you the online resources we make available through our Web site.

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What Would YOU Call It?

1. The Library's online public access catalog (OPAC) includes more than just books. We also add journals and magazines, videotapes, encyclopedias, newspapers, Web sites, online databases, online journals, data CD-ROMs, data DVDs, etc. to the catalog. Which one of the following labels do you think best describes the OPAC?
OPAC Library catalog Online catalog
Card catalog Buffcat Books and other library materials
Find books Find books and more Find books, etc ...
Something else:

2. We also make available a variety of online services which include: databases of full-text journal, magazine, and newspaper articles; indexes and citations for scholarly journal articles; online books; online journals, magazines, and newspapers; web-based encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other reference tools. Which one of the following terms best describes all of these resources to you?
Electronic resources Online resources E-resources
Databases Online databases Databases and catalogs
Indexes Online indexes Online journals, etc.
Find articles.... Find articles and more Find articles in books, journals, newspapers, etc.
Something else:

3. In order to help you find the best of our online resources for your topic, we create subject-based Web pages which link to the most appropriate resources available. For example, we have a guide to the agriculture resources available from the library which includes online databases/indexes, journals, books, government information, and Web sites. Which one of the following terms do you think best describes these Web pages?
Research guides Subject guides Pathfinders
Research resources Research by subject Electronic resources by topic
Find by subject Find information by subject Find online resources by subject
Something else:

4. Our Library Instruction librarian creates Web pages for each of the classes she teaches which discuss useful print and electronic reference tools, indexes/databases, government information, Web sites, etc. What would you call such a page?
Class guides Course guides Course Web pages
Class pathfinders Course pathfinders Pathfinders
Assignment guides Assignment help Class help
Something else:

5. The Cornette Library creates Web pages which link to and describe free Web sites which we have reviewed and consider to be valuable resources. Topics range from general subjects (such as earth sciences) to hot topics (such as bioterrorism). What label would you give such a page?
Web guides Subject Web guides Web resources
Subject specific links Internet resources WWW resources
Selected Web sites Recommended Web sites Subject specific reference sites
Find recommended Web sites... Find Web sites.... Find Internet resources....
Something else:

6. Faculty often put books and photocopies on hold at the Circulation desk for students in their classes to read. What would you call the online equivalent, which would include scanned copies of quizzes, homework, and journal articles?
E-reserves Course reserves Online reserves
Class reserves Electronic course reserves Electronic class reserves
Class readings Online readings E-readings
Electronic class readings
Something else:

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