Call for Volunteers : Archival Content from Bennett Ponsford: No longer maintained

Would you like to help us evaluate the Library's catalog? The Cornette Library is looking for volunteers to help us improve our catalog. Volunteers will be asked to use our catalog to find the answers to several sample questions while thinking out loud. Your computer screen will also be videotaped. Additionally, you will be asked to answer some survey questions at the end of the session.

Please help to make the Cornette Library's catalog easier for everyone to use. Thanks.

Who? Anyone who uses the Cornette Library catalog, including WTAMU students, staff, and faculty, as well as members of the general public.
Why? Help us test our catalog. Results of these tests will be used to revamp the site this spring and summer.
When? Initially, early March. Follow-up testing will be in late April.
Time involved? 45 minutes to an hour.
Reward? $10.00 and the joy of knowing you're helping us improve our catalog.
Where? The Cornette Library.
How do I volunteer? Fill out our volunteer form at or call the Reference Desk at 806/651-2215.
Any questions? E-mail Mary Jarvis or call her at 806/651-2212.