Other Loan Books

Recent Acquisitions Shelves

New Books Collection

Newly acquired books are placed on the "Recent Acquisitions" shelf on the first floor, directly across from the M books. New government documents are not shelved separately, but are in their permanent location.

Youth Collection

Youth collection

Youth books are shelved in a separate room located just north of the west staircase on the first floor. These items can also be checked out at the Circulation desk. Youth books are arranged using the Library of Congress Classification system and can be found in the online catalog by entering your search terms and applying the filter "Youth Shelves" to your results list.

Paperback Collection

Paperback book collections

Paperback or leisure reading books are located on the shelves directly adjacent to the coffee shop seating areas. These can be checked out, and are shelved alphabetically by author's last name. We also have other books of this type on our loan shelves. where each item will have a LC call number. Search the online catalog by author or title for availability and location or call number.

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