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Scholarly Articles

These links are to scholarly articles written specifically about Night, or about Elie Wiesel. Thousands more are available using the search tips below.

Sample articles
More than a dozen scholarly, full text articles found using keywords elie wiesel night
Franciosi, R., Shavver, B., & Wiesel, E. (1987). An interview with Elie Wiesel. Contemporary Literature, 28, 287-300. Retrieved August 22, 2007, from JSTOR database.
A conversation about literature and its meaning, conducted nine months before Wiesel was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
Schwarz, D. R. (1998). The ethics of reading Elie Wiesel's Night. Style, 32, 221-243. Retrieved June 20, 2011, from Academic Search Complete database.
Abstract: Presents an ethical analysis of `Night,' a fictionalized autobiographical memoir of Holocaust victim Elie Wiesel. Discussion on the five stages involved in ethical reading and interpretation; Differentiation between ethics reading and ethics while reading; Analysis on the texts of the book.

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