Georgia O'Keeffe and Texas

Georgia O'Keeffe in Canyon by Fred Stoker

Dr. W.M. "Fred" Stoker joined the faculty of WTAMU in 1958. He was a professor of Education at the university until his retirement in 1985. A prolific writer, Stoker wrote a 44-page booklet summarizing the time that Georgia O'Keeffe lived in Canyon, from 1916 to early 1918.

Stoker wrote his account seventy-one years after O'Keeffe left Canyon, researching all the information that was available at the time. While able to interview only one person with first-hand knowledge about O'Keeffe in Canyon, Stoker included only anecdotes that, while perhaps apocryphal, seemed entirely plausible.

You may read the blend of facts and local stories below.

Contents of Georgia O'Keeffe In Canyon

The booklet contents include:

Please enjoy reading, courtesy of Fred Stocker, the entirety of Georgia O'Keeffe in CanyonPDFthumbnail of cover

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