Frequently Asked Questions: Databases

What are databases anyway?

We subscribe to many different kinds of databases -- some contain the full-text of all of a publisher's online journals; others collect full-text articles from a variety of sources including journals, magazines, and newspapers; others simply index and abstract journals; while some are full-text encyclopedias and other reference services. While a few are freely available over the Internet, most are subscription services which are provided for you by the Cornette Library either directly or through the various consortia to which we belong.

May I use your databases when off campus (at home or work)?

Yes. WTAMU faculty, staff, and students may use most of our databases from any Web browser any where. You will be required to login using the following username and password. Due to licensing restrictions, we cannot offer access to these subscriptions to those not affiliated with the University from outside the library.


What is my username and password?

Username is based on WTAMU Status


How do I get an account?

You don't need to. We pull our information from the University's main database, so your account should be automatically set up when you register for school or go to work for the University.


I'm in a WTOnline class. Can I use my WTOnline account to access the resources?

Yes! Use your username and password from WTOnline to access the databases, as well as any electronic reserve that your instructor has requested us to post.


I'm using AOL and having problems. Help?

Instead of using AOL's browser (the screen you get to after you are logged in), minimize your AOL screen (click the dash at the top right of the screen). Then open (and use) another browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator to be able to log in and use our databases.


I'm using AmaOnline/AMATechTel/ARNet X5, NetZero HiSpeed, or Juno and having problems. Help?

Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs), such as AmaOnline/AMATechTel/ARNet X5, NetZero HiSpeed, or Juno, use dial-up accelerators which have their own proxy which can cause problems with the way we provide our access from home. If you're having problems, minimize your dial-up screen (click the dash at the top right of the screen). Then:

  1. Start Internet Explorer
  2. Go to Tools | Internet Options...
  3. Click on the Connections tab
  4. Scroll through the Dial-up settings to locate your ISP (AmaOnline, AMATechTel, ARNet, NetZero, or Juno). Click on the ISP name and click on Settings...
  5. Under Proxy Server, click Advanced...
  6. In Exceptions, scroll to the end of the list, then type a semi-colon (;) followed by . All the other sample entries have an asterisk (*) in front, and although it won't hurt, that isn't required for this entry.
  7. Keep hitting OK until all the windows close and you are back in Internet Explorer.

This should override your ISP's proxy when using our databases.


My username and password don't work. Who do I contact for help?

Call the Reference Desk, at 806/651-2215 during the hours the library is open or report the problem online.

One common problem is caused by a default setting in Internet Explorer. If you can login at one location, but get the message "That username or password was incorrect" at another off-campus computer, or if you are SURE you are correctly typing your username and password, try these steps.

WARNING - This will clear ALL saved passwords! You may want to try another Web browser such as FireFox (opens in new window). Chrome (opens in new window) or Opera (opens in new window) where you can save or delete individual passwords and cookies.

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Select "Tools", and then "Internet Options". (screen shot opens in new window)
  3. Select the tab labeled "Content".
  4. Click the button labeled "AutoComplete". (screen shot opens in new window)
  5. Click the button labeled "Clear Forms".
  6. Confirm the action by clicking "OK".
  7. Click the button labeled "Clear Passwords". (screen shot opens in new window)
  8. Confirm the action by clicking "OK". (screen shot opens in new window)
  9. Close open dialog boxes.


I don't know which online resource to use. Who do I contact for help?

To see which resources we recommend for over 50 topics, use our Subject Guides, which recommend a starting point and list all of the databases that might have some information on your topic.

Additional help choosing which resource to use and assistance formulating your search is available from the Reference desk at 806/651-2215 or by using our Ask a Librarian service.


I can log in but I can't seem to connect to the resource I need. Now what?

Call the Reference Desk, at 806/651-2215 during the hours the library is open or report the problem online.


Any questions? Ask a Librarian, or call us at 806/651-2215.