FAQ: What is a TexShare Card?

A TexShare reciprocal borrowing card entitles the holder to borrow materials when visiting other TexShare libraries. Schools of Medicine and Law may choose to limit loans.

TexShare was established by the higher education institutions in Texas to allow participating libraries to provide reciprocal borrowing privileges for faculty, emeritus faculty, students, and staff of any participating TexShare institution.


To qualify for a card you must be eligible faculty, emeritus faculty, a currently enrolled student, or an eligible member of WTAMU's staff. You must be in good standing with the institution. Dependents are not eligible.

To obtain a card, fill out an application form at the Circulation Desk. There is no charge. By signing the application, you agree to observe the regulations of the lending library from which you borrow materials.

You can find a TexShare library near you on the TexShare Web Page

Other Libraries

The Cornette Library also accepts TexShare Cards from participating TexShare institutions. Patrons obtain the TexShare Card from their participating institution, present it at our Circulation Desk, and complete required applications to receive a temporary WTAMU library card.


TexShare cards expire as follows:

Returning Borrowed Materials

Borrowed materials must be returned within the loan period to the lending institution, NOT to Cornette Library. The patron may return the materials in person or by first class, insured mail. The patron is responsible to the lending institution for costs associated with postage and/or lost or damaged materials. Cornette Library has the right to place administrative holds on WTAMU records for materials that are not properly returned to the lending library

Revocation of Privileges

TexShare borrowing privileges may be revoked at any time by the Cornette Library or withheld by the lending library. Should this privilege be revoked, the card must be surrendered.