SOCI 4321 (Dr. Kunz): Sociology of Racial and Cultural Minorities

Purpose: To acquaint you with print and electronic scholarly journals from Cornette Library that will make research for your annotated bibliography easier.

Reference Sources

Subject Specific Sources

American Masculinities: A Historical Encyclopedia
HQ1090.3 .A453 2003 (Reference)
Single volume, articles include general topics such as "Father's Rights" or "Body Building" and brief biographies on prominent American men. Each article has a bibliography.
American Immigrant Cultures
E184 .A1 A63448 1997 (Reference)
Two volume set, discusses individuals and contributions of various ethnic groups in the United States. Includes bibliographies and an index.
Encyclopedia of Women in American Politics
HQ1236.5 .U6 E53 1999 (Reference)
Biographical sketches of important individuals, as well as feminist and gender issues. Includes bibliographies.
Men & Masculinities: A Social, Cultural, and Historical Encyclopedia
HQ 1090.3 .M436 2004 (Reference)
Two volume set similar to "American Masculinities", but with more historical and non-American coverage. Articles have bibliographies.
St. James Press Gay & Lesbian Almanac
HQ76.3 .U5 .S75 1998 (Reference)
Provides chronology, key legislation, social issues, significant individuals, etc. for gays and lesbians in the U.S. Includes bibliographies.
Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life
GN 333 .W67 1998
5 volume set discusses location, language, religion, folklore, holidays, rites of passage, family life, and many other cultural characteristics for hundreds of different cultural groups. Includes sub-cultures in the U.S. such as Chinese Americans
Gale Virtual Reference Library
Full-text online of more than 175 reference works. Browse a specific encyclopedia, or search by keywords. Some of the titles included are:


Scholarly Journal Articles

Provide current information

How to Access Databases

Which database?

Academic Search Complete
Contains abstracts and citations for a broad range of topics, with substantial full-text. Over 7,000 peer-reviewed sources.
Substantial sociology collection. Most titles have full-text content from first published issues up to 3-5 years ago. The important publications American Journal of Sociology, Social Problems, Sociological Perspectives are current.
Web of Science
Cross-disciplinary, mostly scholarly sources, full-text linked via SFX.

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Scholarly Sources


Journals Magazines
Physical format and appearance
  • Black and white text, simple fonts
  • Few color photographs
  • Non-glossy paper
  • "Journal" often part of title (Ladies Home Journal is an obvious exception!)
  • Varied fonts, colored highlights in text
  • Lots of color photographs
  • Glossy paper
  • Titles tend to be less scholarly
  • Generally long articles
  • Letters to editor may be several pages long
  • Few ads, which are aimed at professionals in the field
  • Articles vary in length
  • Letters to editor generally short
  • Lots of colorful ads, aimed at the general public
Typical authors
  • Scholars or experts in the field
  • Authors are always identified
  • Staff or free-lance writers
  • Authors may not be identified
  • Always identify sources in some way
  • May use footnotes, parenthetical references, reference list, or bibliography
  • Often don't identify sources
  • Sources may be discussed as part of narrative structure
Review process
  • Editor will be expert in the field
  • Articles may be checked by other experts before publication ("peer review")
  • Editor has publication background
  • Articles only reviewed in-house
  • Aimed at scholars in the field
  • Aimed at general public or hobbyists

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