CD 3360 (Dr. Barnes): Cultural Diversity in Communication Disorders

Purpose: To acquaint you with materials in Cornette Library and on the World Wide Web that will make research for your assignments easier.

Reference Sources

Dictionary of Multicultural Education
LC 1099 .D53 1997(Reference)
Brief articles on terms such as cultural identity, intercultural communication, and intragroup diversity. Most articles have a short bibliography.
Encyclopedia of Special Education
LC 4007 .E53 2000 (Reference)
Three-volume set. Articles include Cultural Attitudes Towards Special Education, Language Disorders, Limited English Proficiency and Special Education, Linguistic Deviance.
MIT Encyclopedia of Communication Disorders
RC 423 .M56 2004 (Reference)
One-volume encyclopedia arranged by sections: Voice, Speech, Language, Hearing. Articles include Language Disorders in Latino Children; Phonology: Clinical Issues in Serving Speakers of African-American Vernacular English; Speech and Language Issues in Children from Asian Pacific Backgrounds. All articles have list of references, some have suggested readings.
Multicultural Manners: Essential Rules of Etiquette for the 21st Century
BJ 1854 .D75 2005 (Reference)
Stories illustrate advice on how to avoid cultural mishaps. Helpful sections include Body Language, Classroom Behavior, Clothing and Jewelry, Colors, Time, and Verbal Expressions.
Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life
GN 333 .W67 1998 (Reference)
Four-volume set. Entries such as Zambians include topics such as language, religion, interpersonal relations, living conditions, family life, education, cultural heritage, work, and social problems.



Cornette Library's online catalog
Includes books, government documents, videos, journal titles, etc. available throughout the Library. Suggested searches include:
  • a keyword search for your subject, such as communication disorders.
  • the general LC subject heading communicative disorders.
  • the LC subject heading for a specific place such as communicative disorders in children United States.

To determine the most appropriate subject headings for your search, refer to the red Library of Congress Subject Headings near the Reference computers in the Library or search the online Library of Congress Authorities Catalog.

Additional Subject Searches
  • body language cross cultural studies
  • communicative disorders cross-cultural studies
  • cross-cultural comparison
  • cultural characteristics
  • facial expression cross-cultural studies
  • ethnic groups
  • gesture cross cultural studies
  • human behavior cross-cultural studies
  • intercultural communication
  • nonverbal communication cross-cultural studies
  • speech disorders
  • speech therapy
  • transcultural medical care
  • transcultural nursing
  • Online catalog for libraries around the world.
  • Lists Cornette Library books along with many more in other libraries.
  • Search by keyword, author, title, or subject.
  • Excellent source for locating items not in Cornette Library's collection.
  • Request books not in Cornette Library through the pre-filled Interlibrary loan form. Allow at least two to three weeks for the books to arrive.


Journal, Magazine, & Newspaper Articles

Provide current information

How to Access Databases

Which database?

Educational Resources Information Center. Can find journal articles and documents about school-age children. Some overlap with Academic Search Complete. Many links to full text. Most documents with an "ED" ERIC number are on microfiche in the Periodicals Department.
Medline (EBSCO)
International coverage of all aspects of medicine. An excellent source for your research projects. Many links to full text.
Another excellent source. Many journal articles overlap results from Academic Search Premier. A citation-only database, although it has numerous links to full-text articles. Database should not be cited. Cite the database where the article is found.

Other databases

Academic Search Complete
Covers many disciplines. Good source for journal articles. Substantial full-text.
Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health. Citation-only database. Many links to full text. Database should not be cited. Cite the database where the article is found.
Dissertations and Theses - Full Text
Often links to entire full-text of dissertation or thesis. Excellent source of in-depth information.
Health & Wellness Resource Center
Although one of the better sources for speech disorders periodicals, it may not be a good choice for this research project. Can limit search to "full text" and "refereed publications" to view only journal articles, but will not find the encyclopedia articles. Most articles are only available in HTML format.
ScienceDirect Journals
Although it has a few speech disorders periodicals, it may not be a good choice for this research project. All articles will be scholarly and full-text. The truncation symbol is the exclamation point (!).
All items will be scholarly and full-text. Look closely for the link to PDF format. Cannot use truncation.
Web of Science
Can search both Science Citation Index and Social Sciences Citation Index at the same time. Topic search will find citations. Can also do a "Cited Reference Search" to see where one article has been cited by other articles. Use the SFX feature to see if article is available in full text in another database.
Power Search
Allows you to search six databases at one time. Cannot limit to full text or scholarly articles. Cannot search phrases. Click on Custom Search tab. Under Choose Databases, select Databases by Category. Under Category, select Communications. Highlight the subcategory Communication Disorders. After searching, try the View results by databases to see the most hits. Click on SFX to see if full text is available.
Google Scholar
Not a database. To be effective, search only through the "Quick Links" drop-down menu on the Cornette Library home page. Some articles listed will be available though our databases. These items will state "FULL TEXT@WTAMU". Can search phrases in quotation marks. Cannot limit to journal articles or full text articles.

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Web Sites

Web Sites for Cultural Issues and Nonverbal Communication

Center for Nonverbal Studies
Studies nonverbal communication such as "body movement, gesture, facial expression, adornment and fashion, landscape architecture, mass media, and consumer-product design". Also has link to its Nonverbal Dictionary.
Communication Development and Disorders in Multicultural Populations: Readings and Related Materials
From the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Has bibliography of suggested readings for related topics.
Sample MMI Syllabi and Instructional Activities
From the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Has a few sample syllabi such as "Communication Disorders in Multicultural Populations". Some syllabi include suggested textbooks and a short reading list.


Citing Your Sources

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