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Staff Employee for October 2016 - Tim Huff

Photo of Tim Huff

Unit: Acquisitions

What do you like most about working in the Cornette Library? The library staff is friendly and supportive and sincerely cares about students.

What is your favorite book(s)/author? I read lots of online articles, and I'm not sure if I have a favorite book or author. The last book I actually read cover to cover was a poker strategy book called Harrington on Hold'em by Dan Harrington, who won the World Series of Poker no limit tournament in 1995 and has made the event's final table on three other occasions.

What is your favorite local attraction? I like going to Furrbie's a burger joint in Amarillo.

Hobbies: I have fun grilling, joking, laughing, and playing games with family and friends.

Rules to live by: Listen to others, think critically, consider perspective and challenge your beliefs.

You might be surprised to know that I: have no known allergies.

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