Information Technology Success Center

The Information Technology Success Center is a combination of Help Desk, PC Support, and Student computer lab support. All requests for service with IT related issues should originate in the ITSC.

It currently supports approximately 2,500 computers. The standard computer setups for West Texas A&M University are: Hastings Electronic Learning Center, Cornette Library, Class Room Center, Jack B. Kelly Center, Engineering and Computer Science Center, and Fine Arts Complex.


Hastings Electronic Learning Center, Room 43

Mike Young


IT Success Center Manager
Office: 806-651-7800
Office Room: Hastings Electronic Learning Center, Room 64

Help Desk


Hastings Electronic Learning Center, Room 64


We are committed to deliver the best customer service. This facility is a near 24-hour general use lab and technology hub for the students of WTAMU. Therefore, we are staffed at all times, and ready to provide assistance during these hours, both over the phone and in person.

Upon receiving a call, the IT Success Center Help Desk staff will attempt to resolve all problems at the time of contact. However, certain problems will require the attention of more specialized personal, at which point the staff member will enter a work order for the caller and route it to the appropriate department. The receiving department will then contact the user, and work with them to resolve the problem.

The user can email to the following address: When an email is sent to this address, a work order is generated. The IT Success Center Help Desk staff will redirect this work order to the proper department.

806-316-9037 (After Hours Emergencies)

Michelle Galdamez


Help Desk Supervisor
Office: 806-651-7925
Office Room: Hastings Electronic Learning Center, Room 64

Campus Technology Support

This is provided by the End-User Support Specialists located in the following campus locations:

Rebecca Bernet


Fine Arts Complex
Mary Moody Northern Hall
Old Sub
Office: 806-651-7911
Cellphone: 806-477-0114
Office Room:FAC-263

Colten Cowart


Old Main
Office: 806-651-7914
Cellphone: 806-477-0178
Office Room:OM-315A

Ose Enaholo


Hastings Electronic Learning Center
Virgil Henson Activities Center
Office: 806-651-7803
Cellphone: 806-477-0149
Office Room:HELC-15A

Chris Newcomb


Jack B. Kelly Student Center
Classroom Center
Office: 806-651-7916
Cellphone: 806-231-6435
Office Room:CC-207B

Aaron Hebert


WT Amarillo CenterAHEC 
WT EnterpriseSBDC 
Office: 806-651-7913
Cellphone: 806-231-4923
Office Room: TBA

Shannon Purcell


Researching Computing
Office: 806-651-7943
Cellphone: 806-654-1383
Office Room: Computer Center