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Homecoming Guidelines


West Texas A&M University welcomes you to the 2017 Homecoming Parade. For the safety and enjoyment of all, please comply with the following guidelines:


  • Staging and line-up will be at the First United Bank Center, Canyon parking lot. All floats and parade entries MUST enter the parking lot through the two designated entrances on Russell Long Blvd.
  • Check in will begin at 7:30 a.m. - If your vehicle is not in the parade you will need to park in the designated area on the North side of the First United Bank Center and walk to the parade line up. 
    All parade entries and participants must be in line by 9:30 a.m.  Parade begins at 10:00 a.m.
  • Only vehicles listed on the registration application are permitted in the parade. No exceptions!
  • To ensure excellence in presentation and efficiency in coordination, placement within the parade lineup is at the discretion of the WTAMU Parade Coordinators and University Police Department.
PARADE ROUTE  - The parade will begin at the First United Bank Center and proceed west on 4th Ave to 26th Street.  On 26th Street, take a right and proceed north towards Russell Long Blvd.  At Russell Long Blvd, turn right and proceed past the Activity Center, then turn left on WTAMU Drive and end at the Buffalo Sports Park parking lot.  Safety officials will be at the end of the parade route to direct parade exit. Note: the parade route includes two sharp turns – please make your vehicle driver aware.


  • Name of organization must be visibly displayed on the float/trailer/vehicle or by marching unit. 
  • Float dimension: maximum of 10 feet in width, 12 feet in height (from the ground) and 45 feet in length (including vehicle pulling float/trailer). Pomping is encouraged but is not required to participate, or for judging.
  • All parade entries should be decorated in keeping with the Homecoming theme.
  • Student and Campus Organizations - You are representing West Texas A&M University. Good judgment should be used in decorating floats. The West Texas A&M University Homecoming Committee reserves the right to refuse any entries with objectionable/inappropriate material or theme.


  • Maximum speed limit of the parade is 5 miles per hour.
  • Give-A-Ways: For the safety of our viewers and particularly our children, distribution of any item FROM the moving vehicle is prohibited. Walkers may hand out candy or other items. 
  • For safety reasons, individuals on floats/trailers MUST remain on the float/trailer until their float is at a complete stop and parked.  Individuals may not jump on and off the float/trailer during the parade. 
  • Any individual who shows or exhibits inappropriate behavior will be asked to leave the parade.
  • MAINTAIN FORWARD MOVEMENT AT ALL TIMES: Please keep up with the parade pace and do not allow large gaps to appear between you and the group in front of you. Remember there are units behind you that will be affected by slowing or stopping.
  • Riding Groups are required to ride at the end of the parade and must provide own waste removal. The Homecoming Committee will NOT provide this service.


  • Only WTAMU Student and Campus Organization float entries will be judged.
  • Judging will be based on Creativity, adherence to Theme, Craftsmanship, School Spirit, Overall Appearance and Enthusiasm.
  • Prizes will be awarded for first place ($300), second place ($200) and third place ($100). 
  • Winners will be announced at the football game and notified via phone or e-mail contact on registration form.


Organizations may be eligible for up to a $300 reimbursement for float supplies and materials. Expenses for candy, gifts, etc. to distribute to audience will not be reimbursed. For more information, please e-mail Jacqui at jpedraza@wtamu.edu.