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Condolences from the President

Condolences from the President

The West Texas A&M University community joins the families of Andrew Duncan, Clinton Diaz and Eric Harrison as well as the family of cast members of the musical production TEXAS in mourning the tragic loss of three WTAMU students/cast members. We are saddened by the deaths of Julian Arredondo and Amanda Starz who also were members of the cast and involved in the wreck. These young talented men and women all had bright, promising futures ahead of them, and we are heartbroken by their loss and grieve their passing. We extend our condolences to their families and friends and offer our thanks and appreciation to the Panhandle community for their prayers and support.

Dr. J. Pat O’Brien
West Texas A&M University

A fund drive is under way to establish memorial scholarships for three WTAMU students killed in automobile crash Aug. 12.



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