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First Year Experience - Peer Leadership Application

Peer Leader


2015-2016 Applications will be open from January 27th through February 16th 2015!

What’s the Point?

Peer Leaders (PL) are charged with the mission of guiding first year students to success. This year long commitment includes: New Student Orientation, Buff Branding, Convocation, and FYE office hours. In supporting this mission, PL’s will purposefully help new students:
  • Connect with what motivates students – relationships and career information
  • Paint a clear picture of their education and career journey
  • Outline the skills necessary to be successful at college and in the workplace
  • Give a clear overview of the academic program, culture and expectations
  • Convey enthusiasm and spirit for the University
  • Provide supportive student success resources
  • Strengthen college success and self-management skills
  • Build relationships with faculty and students in program group

What would you do?

Position Description
Peer Leaders are an integral component of the WTAMU team. They serve as academic and social role models for new and prospective students, sharing their own successes and setbacks in developing study habits, taking advantage of campus resources, managing their time, and navigating the campus. PL’s work to develop good rapport with new students, and they are often the first member of the instructional team to whom new and prospective students confide their fears and uncertainties. We select exceptional undergraduate students who give evidence of interpersonal and intellectual skills. Essential functions of this position include the ability to communicate effectively to large and small groups of people, relate to others, and exhibit appropriate dedication to academic and campus life.

Peer Leaders are required to complete training throughout the spring semester and for a set number of days prior to the first NSO.

They are required to serve on the following dates during the summer and other listed semester activities.
  • Peer Leader Training: April and May (specific times TBA)
  • NSO: June 11-12, June 22-23, June 25-26, July 2-3, July 16-17, July 23-24, July 30-31, August 6-7.
    • Reserve Wednesday evenings prior to NSO as part of group meetings and team buildings
  • Be available the first week before classes begin for training and Buff Branding. Dates to be determined.
  • Convocation: TBA
  • Office Hours: To be arranged for Fall and Spring
  • Additional responsibilities as assigned


PL’s will obtain personal development and master skill sets from various areas not limited to the following:
  • Clearly and accurately convey university information to a diverse audience
  • Identify and recommend appropriate campus resources, services and strategies for success
  • Demonstrate effective interpersonal skills and the ability to facilitate a group
  • Be sensitive to and value different cultures
  • Exhibit an appreciation and respect for diversity
  • Recognize the importance of personal and career development
  • Develop meaningful relationships with others
  • Think critically and exhibit problem-solving skills
  • Understand and practice good reasoning and judgement

In addition to the educational benefits each PL will receive $3000* to be divided and paid out over the course of the internship starting in May.
*Subject to change depending on resource allocaction.

What is the Application and Selection Process?

Interested students must submit an application, attend one of the mandatory group interviews (TBA) and meet the minimum qualifications as outlined above.

To apply for this position, you must complete the online application below and send your resume from your WT email to rcopelin@wtamu.edu by February 16th 2015. All applications without a resume by this time will not be considered for the position. Applications not submitted by the application deadline will not be considered for selection, and the applicant is not eligible to participate in the interview process.

Additional information will be sent to your WT email after your application has been submitted. Once an application is complete, an email will be sent regarding more specific information (i.e., where and when to sign up for an interview).

Attire for the interview is business casual.

For more information contact Reid Copelin in the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership (JBK 103), 806-651-2313 or rcopelin@wtamu.edu.

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