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Environmental Health and Safety

Chemical Inventory

In order to comply with numerous regulatory requirements, including the Hazard Communication Regulation – CFR 1910.1200 (Haz Com), West Texas A & M University (WTAMU) produces an annual chemical inventory identifying the location (building and room) and quantity of all institutional research hazardous materials. An on-line inventory software system, ChemTracker, is used to support chemical tracking in the fulfillment of all regulatory requirements. Hazard Communication Regulation – CFR 1910.1200 (HazCom) was created to ensure that the hazards of chemicals produced or imported are evaluated, and that appropriate hazard information is transmitted to employers and employees.

For more information see the Standard Operating Procedure 24.01.99.W1.48AR WTAMU Chemical Inventory

Chemical Research Laboratory Inventory at West Texas A&M University is maintained by Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) staff. The inventory is maintained by the following process:

  • All laboratory research chemicals are procured through EHS. Please see the Chemical Procurement Procedure at and the online submission form at  Also, please remember to contact EHS as you add or remove chemicals from your lab or storage facilities. Contact EHS for assistance: - 651-2740
  • Chemical laboratory purchases are delivered to EHS. In addition, EHS staff identifies chemical containing packages delivered to the University at Central Receiving on a daily basis and inventories them before they are delivered to the appropriate labs/recipients.
  • Upon delivery, EHS adds the associated chemical to the chemical inventory using the software product, ChemTracker.  EHS staff delivers the chemical to the appropriate laboratory, along with the associated MSDS/SDS sheet, which is added to the MSDS/SDS folder.
  • Annual chemical inventories of each lab are also conducted by EHS staff.  As of Fall of 2013, EHS is moving toward a barcode system to help facilitate laboratory chemical tracking. All research and teaching laboratories that use/store chemicals are included in the annual inventory. All chemicals inventoried by EHS have a unique bar code number sticker placed on the bottle to facilitate tracking.

Chemical Inventory at a Glance

Program Contact:
Academic and Research Environmental Health and Safety
WT Box 60217
Canyon, TX  79016
(806) 651-2740

Chemical Procurement
As a reminder, to help us maintain accurate records of campus-wide inventory and manage the storage and distribution of chemicals in the safest and most efficient way, we ask that you purchase all research and lab chemicals through our chemical procurement process.  It is fast, easy, and we even deliver.