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Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee assists in the development of plans, strategies, and initiatives to encourage increased diversity in the university. The Committee views diversity from a very broad perspective, which includes diversity in regard to ethnicity, race, gender, and sexual orientation. The Committee is charged with developing recommendations to: create a campus atmosphere of respect and encouragement for people of diverse backgrounds; increase diversity in the student body; and increase diversity among the faculty and staff. The Committee will work with CORE in planning activities associated with Martin Luther King Day and Cultural Awareness Week, among others.

Voting members:

A. Chair (Elected from among faculty representatives):

Anand Bertrand Commissiong

B. Two faculty representatives appointed by the President

Kris Drumheller (2013-2016)
Vanessa Fiaud (2012-2015)

C. Two faculty representatives appointed by the Faculty Senate

Anand Commissiong (2012-2015)
Yvette Castillo (2013-2016)

D. One representative from the Athletic Department appointed by the Athletic Director:

Nick Paremski (2012-2015)

E. Two staff representatives appointed by Staff Council

Carla Banks (2012-2015)
Matt Regan (2013-2016)

F. One staff representative from Student Activities:

Matt Maples (2013-2016)

G. Three student representatives appointed by Student Government

Clinton Lee Combs (2013-2014)
Funmilola Adesina (2013-2014)
Brittany Castillo (2013-2014)

H. One emeriti faculty member appointed by the President:

Myrna Raffkind

I. One representative from the general community appointed by the President:

Betty Solis (2013-2016)

Non-voting members

A. Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer:

Rosemary Gray