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Core Laboratory Facility at WTAMU

The Core Laboratories at WTAMU

The mission of the Core Laboratories is to support laboratory research at WTAMU by providing faculty and students with the tools and expertise that meet their research goals.

The West Texas A&M University Core Laboratories are located in the renovated Palo Duro Research Facility and is managed by Dr. Yunxia Tao, Core Laboratory Research Technician at WTAMU, Canyon, Texas.  Our Laboratories have worked with swine, poultry, dairy farms, numerous universities, and environmental service companies and are equipped to conduct analysis for both industry and academia. Capabilities can be tailored with the current outfit of equipment and facilities to meet your specific research needs. 

The Environmental Core Laboratory - Palo Duro Research Facility Room 121
Image of The Environmental Core Laboratory

The Engineering Core Laboratory - Palo Duro Research Facility Room 130
Image of the Engineering Core Laboratory


The Environmental Core Laboratory is equipped to conduct analysis of volatile compounds, odorous substances, ions, and elements in food and environmental samples. The Engineering Core Laboratory is equipped to conduct analysis of material behaviors under normal and extreme stress conditions.

  1. GC/MS/FID (Agilent 7890B Gas Chromatography / 5977A Mass Spectrometry-Flame Ionization Detector)
  2. GC/MS-O (Agilent 6890 Gas Chromatography /5973 Mass Spectrometry-Olfactometry)
  3. IC (Dionex ICS 5000+ Ion Chromatography)
  4. I CAP Q ICP-MS (Thermo Fisher Scientific Inductively coupled mass spectrometry)
  5. XRD (Rigaku SmartLab X-Ray Diffraction)

Instrument use fees

Service type Measurement per sample Machine time per hour Preparation per sample
GC/MS-O $15 for 1-10 peaks* N/A $15
GC/MS/FID $15 for 1-10 peaks* N/A $15
IC $15 for 1-5 elements* N/A $15
ICP/MS $15 for 1-5 elements* $30 $20
IC/ICP/MS $15 for 1-5 elements* $30 $20
XRD N/A $20 $15

* Extra elements: $2 per element; Extra peaks: $2 per peak.


Contact Information

Yunxia Tao Ph.D.
Office: Palo Duro Research Facility Room 108
Phone: 806-651-4098
Email: ytao@wtamu.edu