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Faculty Support Application Form

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WTAMU Foundation was established in 1946 to support West Texas A&M University and its students by seeking, receiving, and administering gifts and grants in order to advance the mission of the University. Support is provided in the form of scholarships as well as institutional and program support.

The Foundation accepts applications for faculty development grants once per year; current deadline is March 16. The review process can take several weeks and additional information may be requested. Award recipients will be notified within 60 days. These funds are available to all University teaching staff and faculty for professional development, including tenure, non-tenure, and adjunct faculty. Allowable uses of funds include: travel for conferences, conference fees, research materials, publication needs, technology, and curriculum support. The Foundation will receive many worthy applications but only a limited number will be funded each year depending on the availability of funds. Please note that only one application per faculty member may be submitted each deadline cycle. Your department head must approve the proposed project or activity prior to submitting an application.

Contact Faith Hoelscher with any questions, comments, or concerns at  806-651-2645 or fhoelscher@wtamu.edu.

Maximum Request: $1,000
Minimum Request: $250

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