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A Grad's Guide to Life
Date: 4/20/15 -
Time: 12:00 p.m.
Location: Buffalo Courts Alumni Center and the JBK Student Center

This event is free and open to seniors.

Please RSVP for Lunch and All Sessions 

Lunch is at noon on the lawn of Buffalo Courts Alumni Center.

Sessions Start at 1:30 p.m. in the JBK Student Center 

  1. “Make Your Money Count”
    A 40 minute session that will cover personal finance topics including; ways to save money, best ways to pay off student loans, investing, building credit, and choosing credit cards.
  2. “Florida on my Mind”
    A 20 minute session that will cover the basics of retirement. It will explore what a 401k is and ways you can plan for your future now.
  3. “Am I Covered?”
    A 20 minute session to cover the basics of insurance. It will explore what you really need, when you need it, and your best options.
  4. “Help Yourselfie”
    A 20 minute session that will cover the best ways to promote yourself using social media and networking. It will explore the do’s and don’ts and why being smart online is so important.
  5. “Home Sweet Home Buying” 
    A 20 minute session that will cover the basics of home buying. It will explain and explore contracts, mortgages, and escrow and offer tips for approaching each.
  6. “I’m getting paid for this?” 
    A 20 minute session that will cover leisure skills that are beneficial in the business and professional world. These skills include the basics of putting, wine pairing, shooting range tips, dress codes, travel tips and more.