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Chained - For a Cause
Date: 10/10/13 - 10/11/13
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Location: Charles K. and Barbara Kerr Vaughan Pedestrian Mall

'CHAINED' is an event/festival set for Oct. 10 at West Texas A&M University. The goal is to make the event last as long as possible to raise both money and awareness about slavery. All proceeds will be donated to an organization that helps to abolish slavery - visit the EndItMovement.com to see the organizations the proceeds will be going to.

The UAA (Unconventional Activist Alliance) - a University supported organization has arranged a community-friendly event to raise awareness and funds for this growing world issue.

All organizations are encouraged to help by signing-up to be chained, and everyone is welcome to donate. For every dollar donated the 20 spots must be occupied for two minutes. Starting on Oct. 10, at around 10 a.m. 20 students have vowed to stay chained to the pillars surrounding the Buffalo statue in the Charles K. and Barbara Kerr Vaughan Pedestrian Mall.

Let's see how long we can make them stay!

Contact the UAA for information about the event at WT_UAA@yahoo.com or call Roper Kerby at 806-891 2635.