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Department of Accounting, Economics and Finance Anne Macy Bio
Dr. Anne Macy

Anne Macy, Ph.D.

Edwards Professor of Finance

Office: Classroom Center, Room 215C
Email: amacy@wtamu.edu
Phone: 806-651-2523
Home Page: http://www.wtamu.edu/~amacy

Professional Profile

Dr. Macy joined the College of Business in 1998.  Macy has a Ph.D. in economics with an emphasis in finance from Texas Tech University.  She also has a master's degree from TTU.  Macy did her undergraduate work at the University of South Dakota, graduating summa cum laude and as an Honors Scholar with a B.A. in economics.  She completed minors in business administration and German.  Macy is also a faculty member at the Pacific Coast Bank School hosted by the University of Washington.

Teaching and Related Service

Dr. Macy's main teaching areas are security analysis and portfolio management, financial planning and corporate finance.  Macy is also the director of the Student-Managed Investment Fund.  The SMIF is a stock portfolio of funds that the finance students manage.  It is one of the largest sources of scholarship funds for the College of Business.  Macy is currently the secretary-treasurer of the Southwestern Society of Economists.  She is also a frequent speaker for the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas on economic and personal finance education topics.

Research and Creative Activity

Dr. Macy's main research focus is on investment decisions, both at the firm and individual level.  Her research has included topics such as mutual funds, retirement planning, student debt, car loans and payday loans.  She also writes pedagogical papers on economic and personal finance education topics including case studies.  Macy also researches specific industries such as banking and pharmaceuticals.

Personal Sketch

Snoopy is Dr. Macy's trusted dog and confidant.  Macy enjoys walking each evening, hiking on trips and photography.  During the summer, Macy has extensive flower gardens, which consume an extensive amount of time.  Macy is an avid movie watcher.  She and her husband have their own list of the top 100 movies of all time.  Each day she tries to find time to do a sudoku and read the latest celebrity gossip.  As all of her students know, Macy is a fan of Days of Our Lives and can recreate the entire Brady-Horton-Kiriakis-DiMera family tree.