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West Texas Family and Community Services

West Texas Family and Community Services (WTFCS) provides a unique opportunity to the Social Work Department at West Texas A&M University. The facility allows for hands on experience with staff who are familiar with the learning process for students in the field of Social Work and who have been through the process themselves. Both undergraduate and graduate level students participate in the programs offered at WTFCS in a variety of ways.

As a student in the WTAMU Social Work Undergraduate program, you will be exposed to WTFCS on an ongoing basis in order to help better understand the types of things Social Workers can do in the community. Following your introductory Social Work courses, you will begin to actively practice and demonstrate the ability to use the skills learned in the classroom. You might help put together hygiene packets, perform an intake on a perspective counseling client or help put together a parenting class workshop all in the same day.

As a Graduate level student in the WTAMU Social Work program, the experience at WTFCS will continue. You would begin to work more in depth with the theory of direct practice and actively lead group sessions, offer educational presentations or provide individual counseling to the clients at WTFCS. Internships are available at both the undergraduate and graduate level program for upper level classmen who are entering the Field Section of the program.

Not one day is the same as the next, which keeps things interesting at WTFCS!

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