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WTAMU Research: Student Travel Award Application

West Texas A&M University Graduate and Undergraduate Travel Award Application

Last Name: First Name:
Buff ID: Email Address:
Expected Graduation Date:
Faculty Advisor's Name:
Faculty Advisor's Email Address:
Conference/Meeting Title:
Conference/Meeting Location:
Dates of Conference/Meeting:
Presentation Title or Meeting Agenda/Purpose:
Abstract (maximum length: one page, double spaced) summarizing research/presentation or committee membership activity. Abstracts that are poorly written will not be accepted.
Letter of support from a faculty adviser:

Itemize Total Expenses Below:

Registration Amount: $
Lodging: (price per night x number of nights): $


Airfare: $
Ground: $
Other: $

Please Note:

The award committee values students' attention to strict economy and to success in finding alternative funding sources on campus (department, college, Student Affairs, Core, etc.)

Other sources of funding for this trip:

College: $
Department: $
Grant Money: $
Other: (Please specify):
Other: $
Total amount of other funding: $


  • I understand that the total travel funding received from the University, from all sources, may not exceed my total expenses for this travel event.
  • I certify that I will be enrolled as a student at WTAMU at the time of travel and in good standing with all university components (academically, behaviorally, and financially).
  • I understand that original receipts or invoices are required for reimbursement and that I must comply with all WTAMU travel and student conduct policies (to include the student code of conduct).
  • I acknowledge my understanding and agreed upon compliance with all of the criteria provided on the student travel award information page.

Original travel receipts must be provided to the department within 5 days from the return date of the travel.


By "submitting" this document you agree with the terms set forth on this page.

If you do not agree, do not submit this document.